91 The Lady in Blue

    As Xue'er saw the lifeless eyes of the young boy, her eyes could not help but change slightly. She could nearly remember the boy's closed eyes as he nestled close to his mother's body. At that time, she did not think much about it, she had only not wished to clean up a few more bodies the poisonous forest may cause.

    But now that she began to understand the bond between a mother and child, she could not help but feel that they were pitiful.

    As Xue'er stood, facing the fugitive poster of the young boy, her eyes felt like an underlying sea that was about to be filled with waves. Her body shaking as though something was threatening to come out.

    However, as she heard the footsteps of people entering, her fists clenched threatening to break a few bones, but she was able to make her body as calm as water, her eyes returned to their normal deep and bottomless state, without so much as a single ripple to be seen.

    "Little girl, are you all right?" The voice of a woman came from behind.

    Xue'er turned around to meet a woman with her face obscured by a blue veil. Xue'er could see her beautiful phoenix eyes, which were the only part of her face she could see. The woman was completely dressed in a dark blue robe with embroidered bell flowers at her cuffs. Although Xue'er couldn't tell by her face, her voice sounded like it belonged to a woman in her thirties.

    A little flustered, Xue'er nodded without saying a single word. A smile was on her face as she said: "I just saw a young boy." Pointing at the fugitive poster in front of her.

    "Have you seen him?" The woman's eyes lowered to look at Xue'er closely, as though trying to get to the bottom of her.

    Xue'er gave a shrug as though not caring, which she really did not.

    As she prepared to leave, her arm was fiercely gripped by the woman, "You know, if you find him, your family may be carefree for the entire year." The grip strengthened around Xue'er's arm, she could tell that this woman was most certainly a martial artist, beneath that facade of a weak and powerless woman.

    "I know, could it be that elder sister wants to find him, but I heard that if he is caught it will be terrible for him and his mother." Xue'er said innocently, knowing well that women liked to be presumed to be younger than they actually were.

    "How could I know a fugitive?" The woman scoffed and released her grip on Xue'er's arm, "I'm just saying you should care about yourself first."

    Xue'er silently rubbed her arm as though in pain, "In that case, elder sister can have this, I was just picking them outside, they're fresh." Xue'er took a pear from her basket and handed it to the woman in an enthusiastic manner.

    The woman speechlessly took the pear and watched the little girl skip away holding the basket filled with fruits. There was only a single thought on her mind.

    This naïve girl.

    Was all she could think of as she watched the girl skip away without a care in the world. The woman didn't think of the girl again as she walked toward the nearest restaurant, walking up the stairs to the second floor, to a private room.

    As she sat down, she had not yet taken off her veil, adding on to her cold and aloft feeling. As the waiter came to her with a cup of tea that was seen with white steam rising from the lid, she raised her veil and took one sip from it, before directly saying: "Waiter, this tea is too cold, I want it to be hotter."

    The waiter seemingly confused asked: "The tea has just been prepared with boiling water, what do you mean it's too cold?"

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    "Too cold means too cold, I want it to be hotter." The lady in blue took a glance at that tea that had white steam rising from the water.

    "Than what does lady think the perfect cup of tea should feel like."

    She answered without hesitation: "The perfect cup of tea is brewed in a golden teapot.

    By a young immortal who lives. Upon a peak amidst the clouds. Upon drinking, it should allow one to escape life's emptiness and soar directly into the clouds."

    "In that case, this tea is not the perfect cup of tea, lady please follow this humble one." The waiter said as he walked out the private enclosure, to another part of the restaurant.

    The lady in blue quietly followed on soundlessly as her long dress trailed behind.

    "Is this the place?" The lady asked as she followed the waiter into the tea brewing room on the first floor.

    The waiter nodded before silently leaving.

    The lady in blue entered the tea brewing room alone. It was a dark place but filled with the strong and unmistakable scent of tea leaves. Though all the scents were mixed and mingled together, it was as though the 'tea masters' of this restaurant could care less about the purity of the tea or the conditions it was being stored in.

    The lady walked to a large shelf filled with tea, and gave it a push, utilizing her strength. The shelf opened to reveal a small room, in which there was a man who was dressed completely in black robes.

    "My lady." The man was a person of few words, only giving her a greeting before he got straight to the point and gave her a piece of paper splattered with blood. The words on the paper also written in messy chicken scratch completely in crimson.

    Holding it in her hands, she could smell the fishy scent of blood as it wafted near her face. With the veil covering nearly all of her expressions, no one could tell what she was thinking. Even the man could not see the change in her eyes as she held the paper and read it closely.

    "Are we sure this information is correct?" The lady looked towards the man.

    "Absolutely, this was written after three of his nails were pulled out, and with the threat of his family no less, no one would take the gamble." The man answered.

    The lady did not say anything.

    "Send the information to the border town, make sure they are prepared." The lady said in a serious manner.

    The man acknowledged the order, while the woman left the secret room.

    The entire process took no more than the time of an incense stick, from the woman asking for hotter tea to giving her orders.

    When the lady in blue came out, she brought out a small package that was filled with tea leaves.

    "This will do." The lady said gleefully as she handed the package to the waiter.
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