101 Madam Lus Resentmen

    Madam Lu yelled with anguish as she threw a bamboo tube into the brazier. Just as the tube was about to be consumed by the heated coals, a pair of metal tongs were used to fish it out saving it from an almost certain fate of being condemned to ashes.

    "My lady, please calm down." Servant Zhao whispered as she was reaching her hands for the tongs to make sure the tube was not too hot to touch.

    "Servant Zhao, you're helping them?" Madam Lu looked at the old woman who was had saved the bamboo tube.

    Just when had this old servant begun to turn on her?

    "I did no such thing. You are always too impulsive." Servant Zhao said as she kept the bamboo tube safe from madam Lu's reach.

    "Five years ago they abandoned me in this forsaken land and now, they believe they can still control me?" Madam Lu asked with a raised eyebrow. This action, coupled with her pale powdered skin, looked especially ghastly.

    Servant Zhao wanted to speak of how madam Lu had gotten her financial means from them, because without them, where did all this gold and silver that she got to bribe the officials from But she stayed quiet and listen to madam Lu's emotional storytelling.

    It wasn't to say that one felt particularly great after being abandoned to the barren northern lands to act as an informer and gather information. Though there was more freedom out here, it was also very empty, and finding those who will aid you is even more difficult than being in the capital.

    Yet at the same time, it could be said to be easy as well, considering the taels used for bribery is worth way more here. Since there are not too many people who would be willing to employ the strict set of skills required, there are way more people willing to work.

    Unfortunately, the level of skill out here was to say a bit lacking compared to the arsenal of those in the capital.

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    Still, she would not complain. It was a great relief that they had not yet been completely abandoned, and there was still a chance to make a comeback and prove themselves useful when chaos arises.

    Besides, the climate here was calmer than the imperial capital.

    It was unfortunate that madam Lu did not feel the same way, only thinking of the current. Never truly looking from another angle. She thought in the most straightforward way, and her schemes did not amount much too detailed planning, usually involved simple tasks such as murdering all those who got in the way. Such a flaw would be very deadly in the capital, which is why she had been ordered to go to the northern lands as an informant.

    Servant Zhao knew well that such thoughts could only ever remain thoughts.

    "Now with their sudden deaths, we can almost be certain that there is someone is working against us." Servant Zhao whispered as though the walls would grow ears any minute.

    "It doesn't matter, what will they do? Silence us all?" Madam Lu asks with a smirk. Even though they were in the light while their enemy was in the dark, she had not yet felt fear.

    "Madam Lu, I don't think that is our main fear as of now." Servant Zhao

    "Che." Madam Lu scoffed, "Do you really think that my plans were put to a halt just because they were killed?" Madam Lu continued to believe that her mind was superior to those who were plotting against her.

    "We should consult lady Lan when she arrives." Servant Zhao quietly said.

    "When did she say she will arrive?" Madam Lu's face changed, as though this Lady Lan was her worst nightmare.

    "The letter stated that she will arrive in two days' time, the distance between Lin Zhi City and the border town is quite a distance, and it will take some time to arrive."

    Servant Zhao was certain that madam Lu had not fully read the letter before she entered her fit of rage, throwing the bamboo tube into the flames.

    Sometimes it was quite difficult serving such a temperamental master.

    It was pointless to investigate such matters that did not happen within the jurisdiction of the border town. Besides hitting the grass and startling the snake, they would not be able to accomplish much.

    Outside, a shadow that was encompassed with stealth carefully jumped onto the ground landing softly on the beaten path. The shadow then walked out of the alleyway, blending along with the crowd.

    Since there were no further orders for the rest of the day and the Hundred Flower Hall opened at its normal time.

    A young woman dressed in floral pattern cotton and plain crimson red skirt blended seamlessly within the crowd of commoners. She cautiously wove in and out through the many crowds and entered the alleyways, jumping the walls at a dead-end, seemingly fearful that there would be a person following behind.

    After many twists and turns, she arrived at a plain wooden house that was situated away from the most prosperous districts of town and especially the brothel. She pushed open the door to enter. It was a home that had been bought for a cheap price, abandoned some time over the course of the long rain.

    There were a few wooden buckets left to collect water that had been dripping from the roof. The sounds of rain dripping into buckets were all that could be heard. She walked into the kitchen to see the young man cooking over an open fire of the worn-down stove. No matter what, the fires that were lightly showing through the cracked bricks did not seem too safe to use.

    "Ah Yu, I was almost done." The young man said with a gentle smile.

    The young woman sat down and began recounting all that she had heard while eavesdropping near the brothel.

    After she was done, the young man gave a sigh and set a dish of food and a bowl of rice in front of her. "You should eat more, we have plenty of time to keep watch on them, there is no need to overdo it." His tone was one that was filled with a gentleness only given to the young woman before him.

    The young woman did not seem to care about anything much as she ate the food in front of her.
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