Innocent Play

Yaoi - Our Mc didn't know he was going to die that night. And he certainly didn't expect to be reborn in a novel as a personnage that died even before the start of the story and was just mentioned one time. In a school were people will die and supernatural things happen...Will he survive his second opportunity of life?Will he find trustworthy friends?Warning : This is yaoi, read at your own accord... it will have gore, deaths and other happenings but romance, jokes and others too!Author notes :- I'm not english so if you see errors, please tell me and I will try to take care of it!- Updates will depend on my mood and...my mental juices...and especially if I'm not feeling lazy.I put this for adults as in the future it will have...+18 scenes. I'm not sure if I put it too early though...help me if you know what I should put it as for the moment >w<Please leave a review behind about your thoughts and have a good reading!

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