2 Chapter 2

    In the midst of an unknown forest was a huge mountain which seemed to be capable of touching the heavens. Despite the whole mountain being covered in luscious forests and having huge amounts of high quality qi, not a single sign of life could be found on it.

    All of a sudden the whole atmosphere began trembling with various fluctuations in the air. If any summoner experienced the situation they would turn pale from fright, since this only occurred when the heavens were angry!

    But actually the elements weren't trembling from anger or fear, it was excitement!


    The huge mountain which stood like an unmovable wall completely disappeared with a huge sound and turned into a pure green liquid stream.

    The air began moving faster and formed a cyan colored stream.

    Lightning from the highest points of heaven formed out of thin air and created an explosive yellow colored stream.

    Pure yin and yang energy similar to that from the beginning of creation appeared and created a red and blue colored stream.

    The aura of life and death appeared together and created a pure black and white stream.

    Once all the seven true elements appeared they began flowing in a circle and soon formed a seven colored whirlpool!

    Along with time the whirlpool began growing in size, and even its speed of rotation increased.

    From time to time true elements would fight with each other and add themselves to the whirlpool. It looked like they were fighting with each other to gain dominance over the other elements.


    With a huge bang the whirlpool grew in size and covered a few kms! A few second passed and all the elements stopped adding themselves to the whirlpool. It seemed like the phenomenon was coming to an end, and thus all elements were preparing themselves for a final push.


    With a huge bang all elements began fighting to achieve dominance. Lighting directly broke apart the void, Yin and Yang began scorching everything and similarly cooling it achieving perfect balance, Life and Death appeared and reached an equilibrium, The forest which seemed to be cover as far as the eye could see turned void of nature and turned grey while Nature added itself to the whirlpool, and finally the Wind picked up its speed and began fusing the seven elements, slowly turning them into gold!

    With an astounding sound that seemed to have turned the whole world up and down, the whirlpool began converging and grew more and more small. The elements didn't disappear but began getting concentrated and their quality reached the peak of their state. But since the whirlpool was so big already it looked like a few days would take for it to become small.

    At the same time many true gods from all over the firmament opened their eyes and began observing the situation. While a few were astounded looking at what was happening, the others smiled as if they knew what was happening.

    The whole incident continued for a total of 8 days, and the end of it the seven colored whirlpool now turned into pure gold!

    Now, the huge whirlpool was no larger than a few meters. And in the midst of the golden colored whirlpool a human body, no a godly body was being formed. The godly was being created and purified by the elements around it! The body was similar in size to a new born human, but everything below its skin definitely isn't something a human would possess!

    While the human body was being formed, a silver glow appeared high in the sky. SUPREME QI!

    If the true elements which converged together and formed the golden True qi represented invincibility, then the Supreme qi represented divinity! Though both the True qi and the Supreme qi were equally strong, if they clashed against each other the unborn baby would die!

    The true embodiment of gods and heavens, the supreme qi appeared to extinguish the unborn baby! It seemed like the phenomenon occurring was already capable of threatening the heavens!

    Looking towards the baby slowly appearing, the Supreme qi no longer hesitated and immediately descended with an unstoppable momentum! When with immeasurable pressure the silver colored attach was just about to hit the baby, it suddenly stopped! And right below it was a ring that appeared out of nowhere!

    The ring looked completely old and rusted. With 7 dim marking all over it the ring looked like something which would break at any moment. But looking at the ring the supreme qi turned afraid and immediately tried to return to where it came from.

    But it looked like the ring had no intentions of letting it leave, with a cold snort the ring began speaking!

    "Since you've already appeared why bother leaving?"

    Though the voice was similar to a little girl, it contained a dignified aura.


    With a huge force the ring began sucking the supreme qi towards it! Despite trying to run away the silver qi couldn't move and gradually got absorbed by the ring!

    The previous rustic ring was now changing, while there didn't seem to be any great difference, if one closely looked they would discover that the seven drawings were now looking much clearer and well defined!

    The weak looking ring now possessed a great pressure which was capable of dominating the whole firmament! Now looking towards the body taking form the ring moved towards the kids right hand.

    It inserted itself into the ring finger and then began absorbing the golden qi! Though it looked reluctant the qi still moved and assimilated with the ring.

    "What is with that reaction?! I'm not stealing you or anything, I'm just absorbing a little bit from my husbands share!"

    It seemed like the ring felt offended from how the True qi was acting, and thus explained itself in the similar little girl voice.

    Once it felt like it obtained enough golden qi, the ring once again transformed.

    It now had a pure gold covering, with each beast carving covered in silver. Though it felt like this was its true form, the gold and silver ring was still incomplete!

    But still it didn't seem to be interested in absorbing the golden qi.

    Looking at the ring which didn't bother absorbing it, the True qi began forming the body even faster. It seemed to be still afraid that the ring would absorb it!

    Watching these actions the ring only snorted in a cute voice and didn't make a move, since the body being formed belonged to her husband after all.

    It didn't take long before the body was completely formed. With a huge large-scale fluctuation the whole world turned quiet, returning to its normal atmosphere.

    The golden haired kid with pure white skin who was still floating in the air slowly opened his eyes. The pure golden colored pupils contained a charm which would suck everyone towards it.

    Looking at the pair of golden eyes one would undoubtedly notice that it wasn't something anew born kid would have! The look in those eyes was similar to someone who already experienced life!

    Once the boy opened his eyes, he didn't bother looking around himself, but directly looked towards its golden hair colored crotch!

    The little boy whose body was created from True qi was verifying his SEX!
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