Which Way is Home? Come Back Now My Love You've Been Gone for So Long

After finishing college and decided to take over the small family business everything seems like depressing for Lee Shin. Ever since her father died, she have no choice but to be the head of the family. She did all her best until she managed to remove the bankruptcy status on their family. After few years of constant work, everything seems perfect for Lee Shin. All her siblings are finished with their degree and busy with their careers too but she felt that she missed a lot of things during her younger days. She loves adventure and traveling which she set aside to take responsibilities to manage their business ever since their father died. Lee Shin thought "I will be 30 in few years. I need to do something adventurous" So she decided to pack her bag, take her passport and ready for few months of backpacking and everything changes when she met Kiel Jungye: a young, adventurous, reckless, careless and not to mention handsome backpacker. They started their adventure together without any plans. What will happen if a strict, careful, calculative woman will be partnered with a happy-go-lucky, live the moment and don't mind about the future attitude kind of man?Will love be enough for them to keep each other?What will happen if the adventure and travel ends?

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