Catch a Tiger by the Tail

Kyera Shade of the Moon is a shape shifting tigress who has been stolen away from her people and forced to honor a contract to protect the hunter holding her collar. After she failed to save his life, her contract now held by the 9th prince of the Imperial Kingdom. A new friend, a child and a life she now holds dear hangs in the balance. Can she protect them without anyone finding out her greatest secret?Clovis is the 9th prince, son of the Emperor and his third Queen Katia, the least favored of the Imperial family. Clovis once betrothed to his child hood sweet heart has her torn away by his eldest brother, a man with more power than Clovis held. While at his lowest point, unable to revenge his broken heart and shattered pride her contract falls into his hands. He caught a tiger by the tail but can he survive the consequences?

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