As the clock hit 11:59. I knew she was near. I waited and waited for her all night. On the place she can't ever ever see

    And she danced at midnight

    Swaying on the most perfect beat. Only she can hear it, but it was all that I need. Her perfection, her charm, her eyes that sparkle through the night. In these bushes where I hid, it never failed to feel so right

    But she can't ever see me

    And she danced at midnight. Only the moon and the stars light up with her. I wish she could hear the words I've always failed to say. Through these tunes, of all the actions I tried so hard to do to make her stay

    Because after midnight, I know I'll be alone. Seconds from now, she'll be gone again. Into the darkness, into the void which she made her home. And I'll just wait for midnight,
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