Since time immemorial, I've always felt emptiness. In my world, there is just darkness. I've always felt alone, like I was just constantly falling in an infinite pit of oblivion, with no one there to save me.

    And then he came along.

    He was like a flash of light, and when my eyes adjusted, I saw the face of true love. He reached out his hand and saved me from that fall, and my whole world stopped. He was the only thing I could see. And even though darkness surrounded us, I didn't feel fear because he held my hand. Everything felt right at that moment.

    And so I just closed my eyes, waiting for what's to come.

    But then again, love wasn't always as what you think it is. It may just be an illusion, or just a part of a bigger picture. One moment, you feel complete, and the next thing you know, you're falling apart.

    I knew I was just at the edge of the mountain. One move and I'll fall again. But I trusted him with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all of me, that he would never let my hand go.

    And then my greatest fear came. His hand was slowly drifting away and I tried so hard to still hold on to him. I begged him not to let go, and he didn't.

    But I knew something was wrong, so I opened my eyes and all I saw we're lies and deceit. I guess his love for me wasn't that real enough to hold on to me forever. So I decided to be the one to let go of his hand. So that he can hold hers.
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