Spring Sunshine: Sweet and Spicy

e deeply captivated. I didn’t look away and stared at him with a smile. “Is that so?” I leaned up to close the rest of the distance between us. He had just finished smoking his favorite cigarette brand. According to him, it was his first time in a while and his last. But because of it, his kiss tasted of tobacco.It was a kiss that tasted sweet and spicy....Release Schedule: (Starting June 18) 1 Chapter a day = 6 chs / weekNext Mass Release Date: June 15 (10-15 Chapters)Milestones for Bonus Chapters: (Starting June 18) 10 Power Stones / 50 Power Stones / 100 Power Stones / 160 Power Stones / 230 Power Stones / 300 Power Stones (A limit of 6 Bonus Chapters a week)

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