King of Hollywood

pany in the world. He also took the spot of number 1 song in the world.The change in his life was sudden and was so fast that Hollywood couldn't keep up.And it was all thanks to a shooting star.[Upload around 10 PM to 10:45 PM everyday. If there's an extra chapter then it will be uploaded around 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.Also if I ever miss a day of uploading because of issues of things that causes me to be unable to upload a new chapter then I will give extra chapters the next time I upload. Every missed day = 2 chapters extra.Example: I miss 2 days of uploading, the next time I upload, 2 chapters that day, 2 next day, 2 more third day, and 2 on the final day.Also on new chapters if it's an extra chapter from votes, I will inform you guys what the next voting goal for an extra chapter is.]

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