-3 Prologue: the star

    Sundering heaven world was a world so big that it boundary was the universe boundary, basically this was world was the universe itself and this meant that the world was the only planet in the universe.


    When the sundering heaven world was born there was eleven weapon that was also born accompanying it, these eleven weapon was called worldly weapon.

    The worldly weapon consist of an axe, a mace, a hammer, a sword, a blade, A staff, a spear, a guandao, a claw, a whip, and a scythe.

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    the worldly weapon each hold one power that was different from the other wordly weapon but these power was equally so strong that it can make the owner become one of the supreme being but fortunately the worldly weapon have it own spirit and will chose it own owner.

    The axe was called thunderous barbarian and it power was called mad thunder, the mace was called golden diamond and it power was called indestructible golden diamond, the hammer was called fire coal and it power was called crumbling world, the sword was called thousand fallen leaf and it power was called sword graveyard, the blade was called murdering edge and it power was called last edge, the staff was called world grasp and it power was called grasping world,  the spear was called void thrust and it power was called abyssmal end, the guandao was called war slaughter and it power was called blood fiend, the claw was called million beast and it power was called space tearing, the whip was called coiling world and it power was called dragon and snake supremacy, the schyte was called dead invite and it power was called yama notice.
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