-2 Prologue: the life

    Holy glory empire was one of the biggest in sundering heaven world, holy glory empire have five big family beside the imperial family.

    The first family was called dongfang, the second family was called yun, the third family was called bai, the fourth family was called long, and the last family was called hu, these five family was the biggest family in the empire beside the imperial family.


    There was a child  in the yun family named yun xin, yun xin was the second grandson of the third elder, ever since he was young yun xing already loved swordmanship, because of his love for swordmanship he sometime negleted his cultivation and resulting in him become the one with the lowest cultivation in his generation even the one from the younger generation sometime have higher cultivation than him.

    Because of his situation many people disregard him and some even disdain him but there was nobody that dare to bully him, the reason was not because of his grandfather or family but because of himself.

    In the past there was a vagrant cultivator, this cultivator was the enemy of the yun family and he tried to kidnap yun xin but instead of kidnapping yun xin he got killed by yun xin, since then the people in the capital never dared to bully him.


    When yun xin turned 18 he reached the realm of essence as sword, a realm that was never seen before but his cultivation was merely at the sky treading realm while the people of his generation already reached at least four or even five realm above him.

    When he turn 20 he reached the realm of sword enigma, a realm that transcended everything and not shackled by everything, but his cultivation realm was still at sky treading realm.

    Because of his stagnant cultivation his family lose all hope again him and decided to never give him resorce anymore, knowing his family neglecting him he just brush it off and even choose to left his family on his own accord.

    Five years after he left his family he and his sworn brother and sister decided to create a sect and named it eight celestial mound sect.

    A thousand years after the creation of the sect, yun xin reached the immortal soul realm the same as the genius of his generation at the same time the sect become one of the holy ground.

    When the greedy people of the yun family found out that yun xin was one of the founder of the eight celestial mound sect they demanded that the sect to provide the yun family with resorce and they even shamelessly demanded that every disciple from the yun family even if they are merely a servant to be accepted by the sect.

    When the yun xin heard the yun family demand he become so angry and even feel ashamed by the yun family that he ordered that every people of the yun family to never be accepted by the sect again, when the yun family heard the order they denounced yun xin and even call him ungratefull some of them even created a rumour to make the sect look bad.

    This act angered yun xin so much that he personally come out and killed half of the yun family, it was at this time that the world found out that yun xin who only have the cultivation realm of immortal soul realm can easily killed people far stronger than him even those from the older generation.

    Since then the yun family never tried to blasphemy the eight celestial mound ever again.


    Hundred thousand years later yun xin become a supreme being and the worldly weapon the thousand fallen leaf choose him to be his owner but he refused the sword and even mocked the sword saying that the sword was useless, the sword after being mocked by yun xin become angry and started to search for a new owner in order to beat yun xin.

    For someone like yun xin who reached the sword enigma realm, using a finger and a treasured sword was the same for him, what's more the thousand fallen leaf was supposed to give a power similar to a supreme being was useless for yun xin as he himself was a supreme being, just with these two reason it was enought for yun xin to deem that the thousand fallen leaf was useles.


    A 1000 years later the thousand fallen leaf found a new owner and the new owner of the sword challenged yun xin to a battle and get killed after one strike from yun xin.

    A 100 years later the sword found a new owner and the new owner challened yun xin too but still end up the same.

    A 2590 years later the sword found a new owner but it ending was still the same.

    It went on for another nine time before yun xin was angered by the sword act, in his anger after he killed the sword owner he caught the sword and almost destroy it, the sword was safe because yun xin sworn brother and sister plead for the sword in order to give face to his sworn brother and sister he let go the sword but warned the sword that if the sword tried to annoy him once again he will destroy the sword.

    After the incident the sword never come near the eight celestial mound sect again.


    5000 years after the incident with the sword all of the wordly weapon come out and started to choose an owner as if in hurry.

    500 years after all the worldly weapon come out and choose an owner a crack appeared in the space and an invader from the outer universe startd to invade the sundering heaven world.
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