2 awakening

    many years after the supreme being seal them self the world have forgotten that there was a realm called supreme realm, some of them even thought that this realm was merely a myth until a girl called han suimei reached the supreme realm that people know that supreme realm was not merely a myth but was reality.

    after the birth of the new supreme being han suimei many people recalled that in the past that in this world there was many such being but nobody know where they gone after that.

    many people then searched for their remain and legacy only to end up with nothing, but then a man called long shen gained a legacy of the past supreme being and using this legacy he became a new supreme being.


    at present or million years after the supreme sealing the third and fourth supreme being was born she was called qi qian and qi lian, a pair of twin.

    a few weeks after the birth of the third and fourth supreme the world suddenly rumbled and after the rumble died down many pillar of light shot out from the ground to the sky, each pillar of light was different from other some of them let out an overbearing killing intent while some of them let out a harmonious feeling and many other.

    this incident shocked the entire world and even the four new supreme being was shocked by this incident, all the people in the world thought that the pillar of light was some sort of legacy left behind by the previous supreme being that suddenly activated because of the new emerging supreme being, many of them come to the pillar of light in order to go inside the pillar in hope of receiving the legacy of the supreme being.

    near the galaxy river was one such pillar of light, this pillar didn't emit any kind of aura at all but the people near them can feel as if the pillar itself was the universe.



    suddenly a sound like a broken chain sounded then an explosion happened, the people that surrounding the pillar of light was stunned at first but then they backed off as they suddenly feel a sense of danger.

    after they backed off they looked toward the pillar of light and found out that the pillar of light was gone and replaced by a youth wearing a tattered clothes, the youth looked at his surrounding and found out that many people surrounding him.

    "who are you guys?"

    said the youth, all the people in his surrounding was still stunned because of the early incident but they come back to their sense after hearing the youth question.

    one man with a fierce look looked toward the youth angrily before he shouted.



    the man body suddenly exploded even his soul was not spared, all the people looked toward the man that suddenly exploded and become horrified, the surrounding people then looked toward the youth.

    the youth was indifferent as if the one that exploded was nothing but an air, one of the fierce looking man looked toward the youth and threatened the youth while stammering.

    "yo...yo...you...ha...have...brought calamity to yourself pun-"


    the man that just threatened the youth exploded four time before his body and soul completely extinguished, all the people in the surrounding become pale and aghast because of what happened to the man.

    "l don't like it when people call me punk and l don't more like it if they threatened me"

    after saying that the youth emitted an overbearing aura that locked the entire world, the aura was so overbearing that the world itself shaken, the youth then looked at the west before he spoke with a chilly tone.

    "l also don't like being spied upon"

    the youth waved his sleeve and suddenly four figure appeared in front of him, the four figure was shaken and alarmed, they tried to move but they can't as if their body was being hold by a large hand, one of the figure tried to speak but he can't let out even the tiniest of voice.

    when the surrounding people saw who the four figure was the became even more shaken and horrified because the four figure was the four new supreme being.

    the youth looked toward the four new supreme and become confused for a moment before he seem to understood something.

    "so the four of you guys are the new supreme being huh?, and it seem that the both of you ascend at the same time right?"

    the youth asked while pointing toward qi qian and qi lian, both qi qian and qi lian hearing the question nodded their head furiously because suddenly they feel they can move again.


    the youth said while nodding then he waved his sleeve once again and the other two was freed, the four then bowed toward the youth and introducing them self.

    "senior this humble one was han suimei and this one title was supreme yin"

    "senior this humble one was long shen and this one title was supreme sun dragon"

    "senior this humble one was qi qian and this one title was supreme lotus"

    "senior this humble one was qi lian and this one title was supreme lily"

    after the four introducing them self they looked toward the youth with curious eyes, the youth looked toward the four before answering.

    "my name was....."
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