3 yun xin

    ...yun xin the sword supreme"

    just as yun xin uttered his name the four new supreme become stunned especially long shen who now his breathing become ragged and his face become red from excitement, he hurriedly kneeled in front of yun xin and said something that make all the people become dumbfounded.

    "your highness this one wish to be your disciple"

    yun xin looked toward long shen for a moment before vanishing into thin air, long shen losing the presence of yun xin have a face full of regret as he sighed and lamenting his fate.

    "hais it seem his highness didn't fancy me, hais how regrettable"

    hearing long shen lamenting his fate caused the other three supreme become even more dumbfounded and curious, qi qian can't contain his curiosity asked long shen.

    "long shen who's actually is that youth?"

    "you should know that l reached supreme realm because of the inheritance that l get from the previous generation supreme right?"

    "yes and if l'm not that youth was also supreme from the previous generation"

    "that right his highness was from the previous generation supreme but he was far different than any supreme of the previous generation"

    "are you saying he was some royal or emperor of some empire?, after all you call him his highness"

    "no his highness was not some royal or emperor of some empire but it was what the previous generation supreme call him because of the thing he achieved"

    "what is he then? and what achievement are you talking about?"

    long shen looked toward qi qian and toward all the people present that was also interested about who yun xin really is before he spoke.

    "according to the legacy that l found, it said that his highness was one of the founder of eight celestial mound sect"

    hearing long shen recount who yun xin really is the people become shocked even the supreme, especially han suimei she asked long shen while stuttering.

    "ar...are...yo..you...for real, that youth was my sect founder"

    long shen as if already anticipating han suimei reaction nodded his head as e answered calmly.

    "yes, and according to the legacy that l get he was also the alliance leader in the war against the invader"


    all the people become more shocked when long shen told them about the invader, qi qian asked long shen.

    "is invader real"

    "yes according to my legacy and it was also the reason why the previous generation supreme seal them self"


    "they are real l thought it was only a myth"

    "yeah l thought so too"


    while long shen recounting yun xin glory, yun xin himself was already long gone and already arrived at the eight celestial mound sect.

    looking over the eight celestial mound sect that was vastly different from million years ago yun xin sighed 'hais, time already changed and it was such a relief that the sect l found become this prosperous.'

    as he was still in thought he suddenly remembered about his regret before he sealed himself 'now that l was unsealed l will play as much as l want, but before that l have to disguise myself lest it become troublesome if l was found out by the other supreme'.

    in order to achieve his dream he disguise himself as a mortal and turn himself younger before he vanished into thin air.
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