Bound to the "Help Lead Achieve Greatness Through a Taxi" System

*Hiatus* (will write it again in July)When Li Jie is accidentally killed in a car crash, he hears a mechanized voice telling him that he is the 9,999th transmigrator that has transmigrated through Truck-san. As a result, Li Jie is bounded to the "Help Lead Achieve Greatness Through a Taxi" System, and he is immediately swept up into a different world... as a girl. Hilarity ensues as Li Jie acts as 17-year old Wang Jin, trying to help the Main Male Lead achieve greatness. ***Click Table of Contents and then click Chapter 1 to read this book. It doesn't work otherwise. Sorry!And sorry for the mismatched title and image for the book. That was for a previous title, and does not match the book now, but I am unable to change it.release rate: ~1,000 word chapter from Tuesday-Friday

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