Fantasy World VS Cultivation World

The fantasy world Tiana was caught in the path of domination of the Celestial Dao World's current Immortal Emperor. By the imperial edict of the Immortal Emperor, Tiana is invaded. Wars, slavery, famine and death were hellishly unleashed upon the world in the wake of his army of daoists.Seeing this heavy plight, the goddess Tales seeks the aid her champions across her world to assemble them in unity and counter the invaders who seeks to ravage her world, as well as to tackle the Immortal Emperor of the Celestial Dao World.But one of her champions seem to have other things in mind..."Tales, remember back then when you said that if we defeat the Demon King whom he had almost slaughtered this world's humanity, we could then go back home to our world, right?""Indeed.""Right, we defeated him and I made him my good butler. So, can we go home?""That is impossible at the moment. Today, Tiana needs her champions to deter the impending crisis of the invading forces. Thus, take arms and prepare. I shall send my notice to the world that the champions will assemble to rise against this disaster.""Sigh*... Tales, you know, I have been waiting to say this for more than five-hundred years ever since you never bothered to appear again. Now, that you're here before me, I can't contain it any longer. I just have to say it from the bottom of my heart!""What is it that you wish to declare?""Go f**k yourself!"And thus, the wisest of the champions walks his path between two worlds.

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