The Fallen God Immortal

"I, Yeng Lor have sinned many and now cursed by God.""He made me immortal and I shall suffer as I watch my loved one died before me.""Earth is not even Earth anymore because of many explosion of nearby star has expanded Earth by a million time.""It has being over 99,984 years now...Today mark my 100,000th birthday.""I am 100,000 years old but why my body still looking like a 16 years old boy...""God dammit!!", as Yeng howl to the sky.As if God heard his wish he heard a voice, "Are you ready to be reborn?"Yeng Lor was stunned but soon regain his sense as his blood began to boil in excitement."Hell Yeah!!!!", Yeng yelled as a reply to God.Tags: Special Abilities, Hard-Working MC, Pill Concocting, Body Tempering, Weak to Strong, Handsome MC, Action, Cultivation, Reincarnation, Adventure1-2ch/week at most.Art by: Maximilian Degen*Grammar is never my skill hehe*

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