5 Stop hiding information from the narrator.

    Sometime later:

    In the cooling cave, Spring relaxed in the rock pool, enjoying the mystically refreshing sensation of the liquid soaking into his body. A look of enjoyment on his tiny face. A bit of determination too, the will to grow stronger.

    Within the rock pool, traces of a light-blue liquid gathered on Spring's body as it gradually seeped through his pores, nourishing his aching circuits and strengthening his body.


    Soon, mana began to surge around him. 4th layer. Spring had become a 2x4 mage. Yes, 2x4, since studying with Winter had increased his theoretical knowledge at an alarmingly fast rate. Winter was a legendary ice mage and scholar. Well, not quite so legendary because nobody knows who he is,

    but crazy powerful nonetheless.

    "I have finally reached this step..."

    Spring licked his lips, his heart filled with excitement

    Suppressing his excitement, Spring immediately began to cast a wind blade. The wind flowed around his body, then gathered at his hand. His aura was evidently incomparable to before.

    With mixed expressions, Spring put down his fists. He cast a glance to the rock pool and said, hesitatingly,


    Spring suddenly noticed something. He frowned as he stared at the rock pool. Over the ten days of absorbing, he felt that the amount of light-blue liquid inside the pool seemed to be gradually decreasing.

    "Looks like the amount of light-blue liquid in the pool will eventually run out..." Spring scratched his head, not the least bit frantic at this fact.

    A pool of water will eventually run out of the water if you keep taking water from it? What a novel and unprecedented concept.

    He took out a tiny and transparent bottle hidden within a pocket in his clothes. Upon a closer inspection of the bottle, two drops of blue liquid were revealed to be contained within.

    He paused for a few moments as he recalled his conversation with Winter. Winter would take his body on the day of the Moon, the day of Weddings, and the day of Fried Foods.

    On the other hand, Spring could keep his body on the day of the Sun, day of the god Tues, The day of Thirst, and the day of Saturday.

    And now, it was already the eve of the day of the Sun.

    After carrying the amulet on his body for a couple days, Spring managed to uncover a little secret. Winter was a powerful mage. A very powerful mage. He also never really used mana. Thus, even as a soul, and even without intending to gather mana, it would be attracted to him.

    The amulet could clearly only hold a limited amount of mana, and after the thousands of years spent by winter in the amulet, it was long past full. Thus, roundabouts every five days, a drop of liquefied mana would form. The rock pool was naturally not formed purely off of this liquefied mana. The amulet and winter's soul itself could hold a shocking amount of mana within it, and after all, winter was not trying to consciously gather mana.

    The pool was instead composed of merely a couple years of this mana and was mostly water. Also, naturally, mana in the pool had dissipated over time, and some had even sunk underground. Thus, the strength of one of these dark blue drops is almost 5% of that contained within the entire pool.

    None of that is true though. You're making castles in the clouds...

    "That's the wrong expression." Winter said, "He's jumping to conclusions."

    Stop talking to me. I'm not a character.

    "Can't help it."

    What is that blue liquid, though?

    "Well, he's partially correct. It's compressed mana of the ice element. Helps me cultivate, and stuff."

    Where'd you ge...

    "Gobsuke gave it to me. Kinda like a farewell present."

    So, you only have a limited amount, then?

    "Well, yeah. It's kinda pitiful how this amulet leaks and stuff on that note. I only have a finite amount, and it's constantly being drained away..."

    Bit curious, though... Exactly how much do you have?

    "Gavan Bayar."


    "You know, the lake of water."

    Can we not have too many references to Gobsuke's novels? Not one reader will get them. Also, this is literally Gavan Bayar? Like his actual body?

    "Yep. The entire lake of water.

    To any reader confused about anything we've discussed so far, check out... Uh... Gobsuke's novel on royal road, now on permanent hiatus. (What was it called again?)

    "On the other hand, you can just ignore this garbage.



    The full name.

    "I forgot."


    "You did too..."

    Screw it. Back to Spring:

    Spring caressed the little bottle, a little unwilling to part with it. This liquid was extremely rare and valuable, it took a whole five days before he could obtain just a tiny drop. He had also hoped to find a chance to secretly feed a drop of this liquid to August. Since the liquid held miraculous effects, he believed that it would be a great help in treating August's injuries.

    Yep. Totally, completely rare. Absolutely.

    Spring softly sighed as he kept the bottle. Putting on his clothes, he slipped out of the cave and returned to his training spot. Yet, just as he was about once again start his training, a figure suddenly rushed over from a distance away while shouting: "Spring, bad news!"

    "Choly, what has happened?"

    Casually muttering those words, Spring cast a glance towards the figure before he sat down and began to circulate his mana.

    The incoming person looked to be a 13 or 14-year-old youth. He was a little plump, and his figure was round like a ball. The youngster's name was Choly, and he was the son of Spring's fifth uncle.

    The two of them were on pretty good terms, though Spring knew that this guy had only befriended him because he actually fancied April, who was not yet introduced, for some reason. Nonetheless, Spring still had a decent impression of Choly.

    That aside, who's April? Anyone gave a month as a name has to be pretty important, perhaps even a love interest. I was not told about this. What is going on here?

    "Something has happened to April." Choly huffed as he struggled to catch his breath.

    Right... Is she pretty? I guess Spring should know. Hey, spring, do you care about this 'April'?


    The mana gathering around Spring rushed outwards, causing dust to scatter about. With a stern expression on his face, he questioned: "How?"

    Yep, he does. Why are so many things happening in this story without my knowledge?

    I'm the narrator...

    I'm supposed to be narrating this stuff, but you're hiding so many things from me. Why?

    <Author's note: Well, you screwed up the novel earlier... So...

    Spring was very protective of his little sister.

    Wait... A sister? What made you introduce a character this important without telling me?
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