10 Nevermeltice

    "Stop ignoring me!" Spring said, after being enabled again.

    Naturally, Winter ignored Spring.

    Nobody ever listens to Spring.

    "You don't listen to him either..." Winter spoke, to thin air.

    Fair enough.

    "Yeah... Where were we? Oh, yeah, we were talking about how your sister's doomed to die."

    Last bit's a bit redundant.

    "The essential problem here is that she has too much ice energy. Like an incredibly high amount. Let's compare her to, say, you. If you have talent of 5/100, then her's is around 80, or even 90 out of a hundred.

    She has too much mana, can't use it, and it kills her. Basically. She ded."

    "Can't we save her?" Spring asked

    "Who do you think I am?"

    Uh... A useless freeloader?

    "She's suffering from a large quantity of ice energy, and I'm a legendary ice mage."

    Bit of a shameless plug there... Also, completely false.

    Winter produced a small cube of ice.

    "This is known as Nevermeltice. This is a largely compressed glob of ice energy."

    No, it's a held item that boosts a P*k*m*n's ice attacks by 20%.

    "Even more so than those highly valuable drops of energy you stole from me." Winter said as he handed 3 cubes of ice to Spring.

    Yeah. Highly valuable.

    "These Nevermeltices could be secretly given to Father for his usage..."

    As Spring licked his lips, a fire lit up in his eyes as he gazed intensely at the three cubes in his palm.

    I think you're pluralising that wrong.

    Because of how weak August had become in recent times, these three cubes could go a long way in increasing August's strength.

    However, treating August's internal injuries still took priority because, the longer it dragged on, the worse it became for him.

    "Sometime in the next few days, I will find an opportunity to feed Father the blue from the blinged-out rock. Lets see if it will help to heal the injuries in his body."

    The current August suffered from grave internal injuries. After so many years of dragging himself around even with these injuries, a tremendous amount of damage had been done to his body. If these injuries are not treated, August will likely be unable to safely absorb the Ice energy in these cubes.

    "If Father can recover his previous strength, our status within the Grassblade Family will be immediately reinstated. After all, even after all these years, only three people from the Grassblade Family have advanced to upper level."

    10x10 is the peak of lower level, 20x20 is the peak of medium level, and 30x30 the peak of upper level.

    Why was this topic never brought up before? Seems like a pretty important thing to be covering.

    <Author's note: No comment.>

    Even within Turquoise Town, those who reached the upper level could be considered as elite practitioners. In this town, the strength of one's faction largely depends on the number of upper level users that they have. Therefore, if August was able to recover his old strength, not only will his position be restored, but any impediment towards his progress should disappear as well. This was a future that Spring, May and April had long dreamed of.

    As he imagined August's recover his majestic figure of the past, Spring involuntarily let out a little chuckle. Then, he proceeded to look for a tiny bottle in his room and very carefully placed the three Nevermeltice cubes inside.

    After he finished, Spring finally heaved a sigh of relief. Suddenly, an aching sensation emerged from his body.

    "Has the chilling cold entered my body?"

    Maybe, uh, stop touching the ice cubes? Just a thought.

    The aching sensation in his body caused Spring's complexion to change.  Moments later, he felt as though the aching sensation had stuck itself into his mana circuits.

    It was clearly improving both quality and quantity of mana within his body.

    At this sudden realization, Spring's eyelids blinked rapidly.  However, Spring had only just advanced to 2x4. Based on his calculations, even if he had the aid of the liquid from the amulet, it would take up to ten days before he should reach this step. How did it appear now?

    "It must be due to the Nevermeltices!"

    Stop saying that.

    "I did not expect the mana in April's body to possess this kind of effect. However, it will still be a while before the chilling cold flares up again..."

    Upon muttering these words, Spring hastily spat in disgust. Every time the chilling cold flared up, it caused April an immense suffering. If this is the price to pay for these Nevermeltices, Spring would rather not have them.

    Sentimental much?

    As he quickly suppressed this horrible idea, Spring stretched his body and then laid down on his bed.

    His eyes gradually closed.

    Over this period of time, Spring had gained a better understanding of Winter's amulet. He now knew that the room where he met Winter in could be considered as a fake place where his physical body could not enter.

    Nonetheless, everything that he learned there could be brought back completely to the real world. Over the past few nights, Winter had been rigourously training Spring, in line with what he once promised.

    No matter how crappy this novel may be, it does have a plot, after all.

    Inside the room, the physical world was fake. Nothing from outside mattered, not even mana. While this meant that one could train their pre-x level with ease, their post-x level had to be worked on in the physical world. This also meant, that no matter how OP Winter is, he is still limited by the mana owned by Spring.

    After such a long period of training, even though Spring could not claim to be at the pinnacle of Wind Blade, he could be considered to have a very high level of mastery. On a good day, he could often generate all nine glyphs.

    Yes. We're continuing this long-forgotten plot point.

    When Winter taught Spring, though, he managed to insert another glyph into the working of wind blade. This glyph, while hard to detect, fragile, and unstable, could increase the power of wind blade by a factor of 3.

    Spring could not create this glyph.

    To be honest, though, I don't think any reader expected him to be able to.


    "So that's how it's done..."

    Spring's eyes gleamed as a joyful expression surfaced on his face. He had finally grasped the so-called trick behind the Glyph!

    The concept that he COULDN't do it was introduced like 3 lines ago. How are we supposed to gather any feeling of accomplishment? The story was literally: 'Spring couldn't do it. Suddenly, "Ah! that's how you do it!" Spring did it.' I am, once again, blown away by how terrible this novel is.

    "I wholeheartedly agree." Winter agreed to thin air.

    While he was speaking, Spring had a sudden enlightenment on how the 10th glyph worked. He found that the glyph was composed not from the 'Nu' rune, but primarily the 'Tul' rune

    What are runes now?

    "Pseudo-Scientific gibberish introduced solely to make the main character sound smarter." Winter shrugged. "Watch. They'll never be used again after this."

    The first nine runes were based on the 'Nu' series of runes, while the tenth glyph was the 'Tul' rune!

    "By perfectly coordinating the sky (Nu) one can break through the limits of the earth and reach a new high. That is the tenth rune of wind blade! The emptyness (Tul) of space."

    "I stand corrected."

    Spring's body trembled in excitement. This unique combination was something that even August did not know about. If he had not met Winter, Spring would never have grasped the secret behind the tenth glyph!

    "Bit too much credit there. I have literally no idea what you said."

    So... How do you do magic then...

    "I used to have a system. I didn't need to think about this..."

    Fair enough.

    Based on his calculations, if he could execute the tenth glyph, Wind blade would not be considered weak even among the ranks of Level 2 spells.

    I honestly don't know whether spell levels were ever brought up before. I don't remember them ever being brought up, so I'll assume they weren't. In such a case, you've now brought up 3 semerate topics with no rhyme nor reason randomly into this oe chapter. They weren't even info dumped, they just kinda sprang into existance.

    <Author's note: Hey, I just wanted to progress the story a bit beyond crappy jokes and like put some plot in this story...>

    Even though Spring had yet to truly grasp the tenth glyph, he was confident that after this realization, he would finally be successful in mastering it!

    Has he learnt it or not? Are you doing this on purpose just to confuse me, or is this being done by accident to confuse the readers.

    Moreover, he knew that once he had mastered the tenth glyph, it will definitely become his signature killing move. By then, Spring was confident that he could match up even to someone like Alpine, who exceeded him by 2 layers and wielded much greater power.

    As he recalled all the unscrupulous means that Alpine had adopted to force his Father consent to an engagement with April, the rage in Spring's heart burned even hotter.

    "This time, I will make sure to thrash you until you lose all face to bring up this issue ever again!"

    Spring sneered, yet his expression quickly turned to one of seriousness. He positioned himself into the stance of Wind Blade and began to practise. He knew that Alpine was still ahead of the current him, thus he must continue to work hard!

    In the darkness, the young man's figure flowed gracefully like a monkey. Even as sweat rained down on his body, he tirelessly drilled Wind Blade over and over again as glowing green streaks flew throughout.

    Darkness? Isn't he in the amulet? Wasn't there light last time?

    "I turned it off as I left. I didn't expect him not to know how to turn it on."

    Even though we close with Spring being ever so slightly 'cool', what we truly end on is the prelude to the time winter truly walks the earth for an extended period of time.
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