2 Kinzce the good kid

    Six am in the morning the sun is starting to rise and the misty beast valley's fog is starting to thin out.

    On a hidden encampment in the beast region where food is scarse and everything looks rundown. A young kid at the age of eight is playing near the river. The river is not really that good looking, its feels a little bit creepy. And there is also a thin fog enveloping the place.

    This kid was trying to catch small fishes at the river bank, walking slowly with both hands ready to grab the fishes. Step by step he slowly walks through the target fish....

    "shuchhhh" He grabs the fish by its tail but the fish struggled and tried to pounce at him which made him fell down from his but to the water. The fish then made slap him at his face using its tail then dive back through the water. The noise in the fish grabbing made all the other fish that were still sleeping swim away.

    Holding his cheeks that is flashed red the kid gave a depressed look. He looked straight from the river bank and was startled to see a female body lying near a rock with some wounds.

    The body then got onto his knees and proceeded to walk near the girl. He got a stick nearby and poked the girl. The girl looked at him with hopes in her eyes and tears falling down her tears. The little boy then assisted her even though he is still too small he still led the pregnant girl who can barely stand to his hut that. The boy did not even question anything and proceeded to nurse her.

    He let her lay on a bed that was made out of dried grass looking like hay. He proceeded to offer her wild berries and some vegetable soup that is mostly made from mushroom and fish.

    This girl who is pregnant of course is no other than Sheraj who is supposed to be dead. But her luck is truly good, surviving the fall from the waterfall and managing to be washed in the river bank.

    After resting and eating some food she looks at the young kid with complicated expression in her face then proceeded to ask. "Kid what is your name?"

    The kid who was sitting next to her then replied. "My name is Kinzce, you are?" "Sheraj" she replied back. "So where is your parents?, and where are we?"

    The kid then bowed his head down and some tears fell down his blue eyes and said "My father and mother was killed by beast while hunting with the village people and I only have Maya my sister who is about 1 month old and it's very hard for me to exchange milk for her that is why I decided to help you" The kid then looked at him with his eye full of hope.

    Sheraj then nodded and helped him out to take care of his sister. The time passed Sheraj gave birth to a boy which he named Zapir. Sheraj helped the siblings out and adopted them both and lived together in the small hut gathering herbs in the forest to exchange some few goods to the village people. This is their normal day to day life. Sheraj also changed her name to Shera for safety purposes.

    Even though they are at the bottom of the society in the village living outside the village gates they still managed to properly go on with their life with shera's good luck finding medicinal herbs where slightly easier which sometimes gave them trouble in the village for some lower class families like them are envious.

    Shera then teach literacy to Kinzce and soon when Maya and Zapir joined too. This have been made a secret because the only person who can barely read and write was the village elder who is once an apprentice herbalist and was a mage level 1 giving the village slightly better protection in the safe zone. The beasty mist valley is ultimately dangerous place but there are some place which are slightly safer which allowed some tribes to form.

    The power system of this world is very like the game its level 1-100 but the power system was given color for each barrier from every 10 level. This is how the powers are; blue is the lowest which is 1-10 then green is 11-20 and this pattern follows to yellow, orange, red, purple, white, black, silver, Gold which is 91-100.

    There are different races which are rank from common race such as humans, then rare, elf, dwarfs, giants and vampire. Very rare such as fairies and angels and epic which are demonkin, demigod, and legendary race such as gods and demons.

    There are also different classes of hero are rank from common and rare such as sword master versus a berserker from common to rare. There are also epic class and legendary class but these classes should be inherited from different circumstances like void dance, sword magician, necromancer, and etc.

    Time has passed and Kinzce was already in his 13th of age and was ready to hunt from the forest along with his team in the This has led him to be out of the hut for a lot of times being an apprentice hunter. Zapir and maya were already five and were also starting to practice in the monster hunting. Shera was left every morning to gather herbs on her own but were helped by the kids in the afternoon.

    Kinzce have good features for a teen his age his blue eyes, brownish blonde hair and strong build he can capture all the ladies heart. Maya have black-greenish color hair and have slightly darker blue color eyes compared to Kinzce and slightly paler than him. Zapir looks the most odd even though he is as adorable as maya his features differ from the two. He has a pale skin just like her mother but his hair is black unlike his mother with grayish hair. He also has black eyes and a strange birthmark in his left chest.
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