3 Memories

    3 pm in the afternoon in one of the cliff in the misty beast valley, a five year old kid was gathering herbs followed by a girl that is the same age as him. This is of course our main character finally at the stage where his destiny is starting to unfold. Step by step he moves to the cliff going to the direction of a blue flower. He then proceeded to pluck the flower after he got near it but a sudden howl of a beast from far away made him almost fall.

    "Brother Zapzap careful!!" the young girl who is following him shouted. Zapir grabbed a vine near him to stabilize his footing. "Wheew, that almost got me, the monster Sarangay is very near we should go back now" "I am sure mom is already heading this way to fetch us back to the hut" Maya then nodded and started to go down the cliff.

    Sarangay is a half-man, half-bull that is related to the Minotaur. It dwells in the wilderness and uses its scary reputation of being extremely violent to protect his habitat from invaders. Apart from its devilish countenance and prominent horns, Sarangay also have sacred jewels hanging in its ears. These gems purportedly possess superpowers and if anyone tries to steal them, the thief is guaranteed of a gory death. Just like the ordinary bull, Sarangay also emits smoke in its nose when angered. Its color being greenish unlike the black Minotaur and was relatively smaller by a few centimeters than the Minotaur.

    After going down the siblings proceeded to go back to their hut meeting their mother halfway. "Mom we heard the Sarangay, what happened are the monters going to attack the village?"

    Shera look at the both of them with worried expression in her face. "Yes I heared that the hunting team was able to bring down three level 6-7 blue sigbin while they are hunting for the tri horned pig" "The Sarangay and its minion sigbins usually stay further north. Your brother was there when they were attacked, they did not expect the monster to migrate even further to the south. The hunting grounds of monsters are changing. Let us hurry back to the hut" The three went back to the hut and they saw their brother with a spear that is made up of stone and wood in his hands.

    Sigbin is a monster with a size of a small bear and a row of spines embedded from neck to tail. This monster possesses flapping ears, burning eyes, whip-like tail and the ability to run fast. Usually cooperating with even more powerful monsters to survive. They hunt in packs and were usually the dire wolves in the far north of the misty beast valley.

    "Big brother kinzy is back" the two five years old went to their brother and hug him dearly. "Brother have you leveled up yet?" "When you do please bring home a lot of meat" Zapir was very smart and he is very vocal when it comes to his brother and sister. Maya also chuckled and looked dearly at his brother "Big brother Kinzy is so strong now, I am sure you already have a girl in mind" the cute little girl then winked at him.

    Surprised by their very mature thinking Kinzce only gave them a pat in their heads. "You guys are starting to over learn, I might as well tell mother to stop teaching the both of you. Ahahhahaa" Kinzce was really a little bit weird he looks happy and sad at the same time only giving the both of them a poker face.

    Shera who is by the side seems to noticed it and looked at the two and pointed at the hut "The both of you should start going back to the hut and go wash yourselves up before you brother Kinzce will tell you the story about their hunt this time"

    The two kids replied "Ok mother" and proceeded to run to the hut for them to take a bath.

    Kinzce looked at his mother with a solem expression "Mother eight of my co apprentices died in the incident along with three senior hunter leaving our small village with only 15 hunters and 6 apprentices" "I am afraid that this monster attack soon will leave us in dire state and im sure the village elder along with the village chief who were mages will make announcement about the hunters staying the village for maximum protection"

    Shera already have an idea about this but she never knew that they had lost so much. She then put her hands onto his shoulder "Kinzce, it must have been pretty hard on you. I know that you are one with the greatest potential but you are always hiding it from the village. You are very smart to do that so I entrust you with this"

    Shera flickered her sleeves to reveal a gold pendant with a white gem in front and black gem at the back. She then hold his hands and put the pendant in it. "This black gem is a green tier void stone that allows you to unleash a magical void at a green tier level to attack once per day" "the white part is a holy stone that can heal you at green tier standard to heal yourself" "I hope that with this your safety will be guaranteed"

    Kinzce was tearing up and hugged her mother "Mother I promise that I will protect you and my siblings"

    Kinzce never expected her mother to give him the pendant but the truth for his sadness was not actually the deaths but because of the trauma that has awaken his memories.

    He remembered what he is missing and the truth about his survival is awakening his Godly powers along with the appearance of his inventory with a ton of Godly items numbering millions of different kinds and quantity.

    But the sad truth is that he only was able to use one spear which is the alcanatha wood meteoric blade spear which is an op level 0 blue equipment. Of course he did not want to reveal this for he is afraid to divulge the secret of his to the village for safety purposes. The spear was really op because the wooden spear gives hp regeneration of 1 hp per second and has an attack damage of 30 which is able to bring down a level 1 hero in a single hit. One of the Sigbin was hit three times which caused it to flee for his life. All the rest of the item were locked due to insufficient levels and authorizations. He then looked at his profile.

    Name: King K

    Race:Godly/ Creator

    Level: 0 blue

    Authority: 0.01% [due to corrupt program system reboot 0.01 percent completed/ Hero is advised to level up more to gain authority to access inventory, and other functions.]

    Hp- 25


    Attack power-1

    Max movement speed- 80

    Attack speed-3 seconds

    Intelligence- 30=> hasten learning


    Skill: spear slash level 0 blue skill- additional 3 damage,

    Skill: spear thrust level 0 blue skill- additional 4 damage, chance to crit
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