2 : Son of The deceased Duke.

    While Chu Han, Was sleeping came a maid to check him, before she cried pitifully, she mumbled ` its all my mistake, I shouldn't have told him, now he went to fight it out with these bastards, and his body is now all broken. little me is wrong, little me is wrong.`

    What the little maid didn't know, was that Chu Han was Actually, Awake but he Kept silent, Her Tears were falling on his face while she kept caressing his face with her little hand,

    Chu Han, Was thinking, it seems the previous owner of the body went to fight some gangsters for this pretty maiden, wow `Thumps up for this brave man` well, from this I'm sure I somehow reincarnated.

    Chu Han Was thinking `I should somehow get more info about this world, and somehow get close to the 8th princess,  and somehow win her heart`.

    He couldn't help but curse ` and all of this I should do, in a mere ten days, ***k my life`.

    After Chu Han waited for the maiden to Leave he stood up and stretched his legs, before saw floating words again, in front of him

    " Side-Mission: Your Little maid is Actually The Daughter of deceased `Earl` who was killed, with your Father, in a plot the Emperor made. your mission is to Make her say loudly `I LOVE YOU`".

    "Mission time: 1 Day. Mission Reward: 100 Years of cultivation power will be added to your body + The Skill ` Thunder Palm`. Mission Fail Penalty: The Main mission Time will be reduced to three days. God's Hint." She loved you from when you both were kids, but after her father's death you felt only towards her the love of a sister, show her your love and passion, another hint: if you want to know any pieces of information about anyone. you just need to ask the God's System to Search for your person to get all the info. you want."

    Chu Han felt dizzy.` hmm... maybe I should really forget about my past self, and try more to understand this reality, I could feel her love and care towards me, *Cough* I mean towards the old me, anyway, i don't want to die, so let's try hard to finish the missions, I don't Want to die just as I reincarnated`.

    Then Chu Han started searching for info, About His current self, in the system, He found much info. Such as his name is `Chu Han` surprisingly, yeah god really pity him.`LOL`, and he found that his brothers and uncles and father, all died in a huge plot, the Emperor was always wary of the Duke Household's Power, And That's also why He choose To destroy them before they rise in power to threat his throne, and The  Earl`ling` the Father of the little maid.`Ling Yin`, was caught, in the chaos. and Was killed by the Emperor's men. because the Emperor didn't want to escalate the plot, he ended it and left Chu Han and Ling Yin Alive but without any money, with the excuse that they are still not registered as Nobles and so, he Blocked Their Family's Entire Wealth From Them. And gave them a poor piece of land, saying if you can, cultivate this land and make it, into a small city I will Give you back your titles and Family Wealth. Chu Han Sneered.`What a Great Emperor, What a Great Emperor, tsk tsk.`.

    While Ling Yin was making a soup she heard behind her the weak voice of, Chu Han he came from behind her and thought ` I should dominate, I should dominate`.

    then he said weakly."Ling-Ling Yin, I'm sorry. I always wanted to tell you,  I Love You but I'm Afraid I would Love some other women in the future, and you may hate me, but I will always have a place for you in my heart, I-I-I mean I have feelings for both you and the 8th princess, so I will ask you. Ling Yin, Do you Love me. if you don't Answer me I will leave and never come back again".

    God`s Hint.` you playboy`.Chu Han Was shocked but stayed silent.

    Ling Yin Who was also shocked by what Chu Han said, Suddenly Threw herself at him While Crying." Don't Leave me, ...Wah Wah, I Love You, Chu, I Love you, I don't care about anything else" Her Teary face was blasted on Chu Han Face he couldn't help but, caressing her little cute face, then he whispered in her ears` I'll never leave you, Yin Yin, As long as you don't hate me.`

    (AN: Wah Wah : Crying Sound)

    Suddenly Chu Han Lips Felt some strange moister touch on it, he was shocked to see Ling Yin kissing him With Red Face, He didn't stop her` WTH, Who wouldn't want a kiss`,

    Just as he was about to go into the mode, Ling Yin Stopped and Looked at him with Tears, before. Running Away to The other room. He Was Shocked but then he smiled and mumbled."this silly girl".

    Then heard a Voice in His Head " Congratulations for Succeeding, The side-mission. Mission Reward: 100 Years of Cultivation has been added to Host Cultivation, Now Host's Cultivation raised to The 1st Stage of ` Qi Transformation Realm ` Host's power is Equal to The Old Deceased Duke, The Power of a General.".

    " Congratulations to Host to receive, The Complete `Thunder Palm`, This Technique was lost for hundreds of years, its origin is unknown,"

    "1000 Points Were added to the shop, Host can buy from the shop using points after finishing his first main mission: Good Luck."

    " Congratulation for Host: You received the Blessing of Goddess of Love, You received Charm +500, Host relationships with women will be easier, You have now 78% of chance of succeeding the Main mission, Good Luck"
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