Shinobi Yarn

To survive to the invasion of the Southern Continent, the Ten Great Countries allied themselves. They won the war together, establishing a new Era of peace and prosperity.However, Golden Ages are destined to end. When the Southern Continent's Eastern Flower Empire started to raid the Wind Country's maritime lines, nobody answered the call from the Kazekage to uphold the old Pact of Ten. Instead, the Water Country's merchants used the presence of the Southerners to expand their influence inside the Wind's territory.In this climate of tension, Zheus, a small criminal boss, is granted a second chance to live after a violent death. He wakes up in the body of a young boy in the middle of the Wind's Desert.Will he survive in the Shinobi Continent? I can guarantee 1 Chapter/ Week.More if I see some support, cheers.I'm working more on my other project, based on the same Skyfire Universe: Rise of the Serpent.

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