21 Shadow lord

Today was the day when the top 10 ranking will be determined. Ye jun and ye chen then went to the yang xuan resideence.

Ye chen said" Yang xuan, are you ready for the competition?"

Just as the voice finished a figure came into their sight. After seeing him both of them quite surprised. Because Yang xuan temperament has actually changed. Before even though he was a middle gold core cultivator then also he had a childish temperamant. Now he shows sign of maturity.

He shows sign of vissisities of years.

Yang xuan bowed and said" Young master,young mis, how vome you are here?"

Ye chen smiled and said" Have you forgotten today is the day where you will decide top 10 rankings"

Then a sudden realization came to Yang xuan that today was the final day of competition.

He said" Sorry, I was closing up so I truly forgot about the competition"

Then all of them went for the competion.

Todat there were many people then before because today was the fight between geniuses.

Yang xuan said" Young master,young miss, i will be going to take oart in ut"

After that he went to face his competitior.

Ye chen then askd" Do you think he will win?"

She smilingly said " If it was before then it might be too hard. But no it seems to be no problem. Even though he have made no break througjh but hid change of mood have made him sa powerful had a normal nascent soul realm"

He said" You are right. He truly made a break through very fast. It seems he will be character in the future"

Yang xuan didnt know about the thing both Ye chen and Ye jun made as he was moving toward the stadium.

Right hisopponent was from the Law palace. A infliunce below four influences but still apowerful one . His neme was Adam Smith and he hautily said " Boy give up you arent my match"

Yang xuan just ignored him which hurt his ego and furiously attavked him. But he didnt see Yang xuan take avtion and thiught he scareed silly. But then he was a bit surprised that the sword went through him but there wa no blood.Then a voice came from his behind sayoing" Is that all you got" as he swinged his sword towards his back. It was a succesful attack and hurt him very badly.

He easily won this round because he used his sharringan whivh he got from one of the trial reward from the time tower. There are also other opportunities he got but he didnt used it as it wasnt time for it. Then he again went through 10 matches and won very easily like the first one and there will be next matxh which will determine the top 10 ranking.

On the other side Ye jun also won all the matches till now and was waiting for the next matches.

There wqas half hour for their next match to start so they were resting now and saving their strenght.

Ye chen then came and said" You two did very great. Iam very proud of him. So here is a gift for both of you" Then he took out two things from his spatial which were a pendent and a medivine pill.

He gave the oendent to his sister and said" It is a defensive tailsman. It can withsandThree attack from god rank and telepoty you 10000 km away from your position"

The he gace the medicine pill  to Yang xuan and said " This pill name is Body tempering pill. It can restructure your bosy and invrease your foundation far more than 1000 times. You never have to woory for fast cultivation affecting you ever It will make your foundation so strong that you will be stronger than other people in the same realm. It will also cure you if you have any instability in your cultivation now."

After hearing the Ye chen words Yang xuan understand how percious these mesdicines are, He felt a trace of warmth in his hearth.

He said " Thank you young master. "

Ye chen said " There is no need to say that. After all you are my people . Now after the competition just eat it."

Then both yang xuan and ye jun rested for a while and started their preparation.

The match for this round is Long Xu, a memeber of dragon pheonix clan.

Long Xu disdanly said" Brat,use your strongest skill otherwise you might die"

Yang xuan completely ignored him.

Long Xu then tranformed into his dragon body which was of thundering attributes.

The thundering attribute has advantages in both speed and attack which is also the reason he could easily reach today stage.

Yang xuan was first amazed seeing then again he became calm. He used his movement skill which made his speed equal to Long xu. He used few attacking skill which was given by Ye chen and both the Dragon and yang xuan were having equal fight.

Durimg that the battle is going nowhere Lomg xu used Dragon roar incarnation towards Yang xuan and immediately rushed and used his strongest technique"Mugen no kyoshin" which is a sword skill to create multiple strike at the same time. This attack hurt the back of the dragon and he was seriously injured.

Long xu lookes at him said"Lets put our final skill". And Yang xuan agreed with him both of them stated their strongest skill.

Long xu used " Drangon claw" combining it with thunder attribite which was capable of even splitting heaven and earth.

yang xuan used "Celestial slash" skill which he learned in the third tower. Both of the attack collided with each other causing an explosion.

After the explosion calm down then the audience saw Yang xuan who had injury in left shoulder covered with blood And Long xu was unconsiously lieing in the arena with his back shoulders showing white bones in his body.It could be seen how powerful that attack was.

With it was clear who was the winner.

Yang xuan won.

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