Just Like the flow of  a river which continues to go without stopping , the time also continued to grow and our Ye chun also stayed at this Terra continent for 8 years. The place where he is in Terra continent. Here internal strenght, Taoism and buddhism is famoused. This continent has many races like Humans,Gaia,Beast races etc are the 3 supreme ruler of this continenet. Here cultivation is divides into many stages like QI condensation, Innate,Gold core,Nascent soul,Emperor , Sage and supreme realm .

    In the   Saiyan dynasty  of  imperial capital Ye family backyard here our MC is practicing.The environment surrounding him gives a natural feeling to others and  if there were any old ancestor

    of our family then they would be shocked because these feeling gives them the supreme controller of the  world. He slowly opened his eyes and went out of the backyard . There he met his maidservant Lingling .She said " young master where did you go? I was searching for you all this time. ". "I was just playing there" he said." ok clan head is calling foir you . go fast or heehehe".

    "Damn " he said and satarted running. When the boy enter the clan he saw his father and other elders of the family. Ye Yun said " why are you late?"


    "ok brother no need to be harsh" said his second uncle.

    " what harsh this dam brat is always playing when will he become loke his elder brother and start taking responsibility?"

    "Calm down. Today is awakening ceremony of your little daughter."secong uncle said.

    "Damn brat now just stay here. Go bring here here" Ye Yun said to other servant.

    "yes ,my lord" said the other servant and went to bring her. After a while he came bring a little girl who was just like a barbie doll with cute little face .The moment she came she was tring to find her older brother Ye chen and the moment she saw him she started saying "brother,brother carry me". She was the small sister of Ye chen and the star of his eyes. He carried her and went to the stone to carryout the ceremony. The moment she touch it, everybody hel their breadth and saw the stone and saw the scene which shocked them through their core.
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