3 Heavenly phisque

    The number they saw was 11 and everbody went WTF. The stone can only show 10 number as highest and if it increases then 10 then it means she is sure to be a supreme. "congratulation clan head an genius was born in the Ye family" everyone said.

    Ye Yun was totally suprised to see that her youngest daughter has such innate talent. " Everone today thing must be keot a secret" said Ye yun and everyone become solemn silent. Everyone think Ye family as top 3 family is quite powerful but they dont understand that the higher the position the higher the critisicm there is.

    " Today thing must be kept silent otherwise it will be handles with clan regulation for rebel" said Ye Yun seriously.

    After the ceremony Ye yun status became more solid as he had a future supreme daughter.

    When everyone was discussing about the youngest daughter they didnt notice a peculair glow in ye chen eyes.

    "Interesting ,quite interesting to think i will see a heavenly  phisque today" he thought.The heavenly phisque is a legend and said that those who control this phisque control the heavens.

    Ye chen went to see her sister."cutiepie come to bother" he said to her. The girl happily went to him.

    "brother you saw my talent,I will be future supreme".

    Ye chen thought " A mere supreme. my ghosh to think a heavenly phisque just want to be a weak supreme . It seems like i wiil have to teach her well otherwise it truly will be pity"

    "Come here cutiepie today brother will give you a good gift" he said.

    "brother it must be nice gift" she said.

    " Here, this cultivation techinque for you. It suits you well and dont read those trash cultivation techinque those old fogey gives you. he said and took out a book for her within thin air.

    " Ok brother" she said smilingly. "Ye Jun" called her mother."Bye brother" she said while running.

    He saw her running then he said" Protect her well snake". There a shadow came from behind him and he said"Yes, my lord"

    Ye chun then directly went to his father library and knocked the door twice then heard " come in".

    " How are you Father?" he said. Ye Yun said " why have you came here ?" solemly.

    " why cant I?" he said smillingly.

    " what do u want ?" Ye yun said.

    "Alala , cant a son have talk with his father normally" he said.

    " You who have worst reputation of dandism and never let anyone see your depth want to talk to me" he said smilingly.

    " It is about Ye jun. A talent like her if found by other will be very much disadvantegeous for her" he said .

    The atmosphere became cold and a heavy pressure descended from him as he said" Do you think our Ye family can not even protect our own?"

    Ye chen was smilling as he neglected the pressure said " NO my dear father. I am not trying to say that Ye family is weak but its just that she is after all my dear small doll so, i am worried."

    " And  Ye family after all cant go against imperail family."

    " what do you mean by that?" Ye yun scolded loudly.

    A heaven frightenging pressure descended on ye yun . Almost making him kneel."I  mean that I will not show mercy against anyone even its the imperial family so, my dear father protect her well otherwise i will show you true hell" he said as he went outside and pressure diminished.

    A cold sweat was  can be seen  on Ye yun as he saw his back.
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