4 Wrath of the emperor

    Late at night near the Ye family mansion , a group  of  people wearing masks were whispering to each other. The team leader said" our mission is to get the youngest daughter of the YE family . If we cam get her alive then its ok . But if cant get her then kill her no matter the cost."

    " Sir, dont worry worry we know what should be done. " said one of them .

    "good , everyone move out" said the leader.

    then the group of people vanishes and went straight to the mansion.


    At the Ye mansion ye chen was mediating then a shadow came out of nowhere and whisperes in his ears.

    " No matter what since these guests have come show them your courtesy" he said.

    " Yes , my lord" the shadow as he disappeared.

    " Those ant really took action. Well, either its good they can be used to deter others. Hahahhaha" he said  smilingly as the the his surronding became colder .


    Few dozens of people broke into the Ye family quietly as, they went to their target place.

    "Everyone remember get her as quickly as possibel without making any noise." said the leader.

    Then he signalled two people behind him as they went inside through the window.

    As they looked at each other and went toward the bed and before they can come any near they collapsed. There two shadow came out of the room .

    " Disposed them and Shigure take care of the others as soon as possible " said a rough man.

    " Yes, leader" she said as she disappeared from the room. Then, after a few rest she came.

    " They are dead." she said.

    The leader noddes as he said " Bring their heads to the lord and increase Lady jun security more"

    " Yes " she said.


    In Ye chen room came few people appeared came out of the thin air.

    "Lord , all those people who came are dead" the leader said as he placed a group pf boxes and opened the box where those people who broked  into the Ye family.

    Ye chen watched those head and smilled as he said" Good job , Then do you know who send them."

    Shigure spoked as she said"  There were 1 intial supreme with two sage and dozen of emperors. They were send by two influences which are the Vermillion family and Taizen holy palace "

    " Interesting . Even the Taizen Holy palce came. That bitch truly is smart to use the Taizen palace and now that their people are dead they might truly take take some major action" he said.

    " Well either they both must perish from the terra continent. Go destroy the Vermillion Family and Exterminate them all. And send their head to that bitch.Let Her see her family dead body  and  Use our forces to send the Taizwen a messagetaht they should Keep quite about it and destroy their all influencesa in the saiyan empire as their punishment for now," he said

    " But Tizen might not agree " one of them said.

    "Then there is no need for Taizen " he said.

    " Yes, my lord" everyone said as they disappeared and the courtyard became silent.

    Another morning a  two shocking news was spread as the Empress paternal home the Vermillian family was Exterminated and all the vermillian family people head were put just outside the empress  palace door. And the other news was that all the influences  of the Taixen palce were massacred that day. IT is said more than thousand people died that night.
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