5 Gaia bloodlines

    Outside Vermillion Family, a group of were coming very fast.

    " Snake make an array outside the vermillion mansion  and make sure everyone dies" said the leader

    " yes" said snake.

    After an half hour the array was completed. Then the group of people marched into the vermillion through the main door and start slaughtering. They killed any one they saw. Then few people came out .

    " Who are you people?" asked the head of the clan who came with few old ancestor of the vermillion clan.

    "Who we are, you dont  need to know because you are all going to die" said the leader.

    "Do you think with your amount of people you can kill us" said one of the ancestor.

    The leader replied" I must say the vermiliion sure have its background having 2 late stage and 1 middle and 1 initial supreme stage power house and dozen of sages and emperors. But you should not have anger our lord. So all of die"

    The group of people moved and within few moments nearly all of died.

    one of them who was on the verge of death spoked " Y_You are of that realm. Please spare our later generation . we are willing to do anything"

    "Sorry , our lord will is our command" said those peole as they that man and continues the massacred. After few moments all the vermillion clan people were dead.

    " Shigure use the curse technique of blood and kill all those people who have relationship with the vermillion caln except related to the imperial clan" said the leader.

    "Understood" said shigure and started her technique and all those who were related to the vermillion clan member died.


    In the morning when the shocking news made the entire saiyan empire in the turmoil Ye chen was taking a walk in the imperail capital. AS he was going through the street something caught his eyes. There was a girl in chain  with other people as they were being dragged by the soldier to the salve house. Then he went into salve house. As he entered then an middle aged man came and asked" Young master Ye, how may i serve you ".

    " Bring me to the new badge of the slaves" he said

    " Yes,  Young master Ye " said the middle aged man and instructed his people as they brought new badge.

    There he saw the girl, he wanted to see.

    " Bring her" he said as the attendent brought her.

    The girl was of 4 years nearly with smooth skin and jade like face.

    " What is your name girl?" he asked.

    " Everyone call me Minger" she said .

    "oh! , Manager i will be having her. Here are the money" he said .

    " Good young master" the amnager replied.

    " From now on , You are mine " said as he was bringing her.

    " Wait " said a young man coming from the front door.

    " What do you mean by that young master xun " asked Ye chen.

    "young master Ye , Please give me face and give her to me" he said.

    " Who are you to ask me to give you face." he said

    " Y_you dont get over yourself ye chen " said angrily young master xun

    Ye chen sneered and said " What are you going to do?"

    young master xun said " Ye chen the one who want her is the Third prince"

    "Then what. When did Third prince became powerful to make me give him face. No go away"he said as he brought the girl and ignored them.

    One of the attendent asked young master xun " What should we do ?"

    " Say the third prince and make him take action and teach this ye chen" young master xun.


    The ye chen and the group reached the ye mansion and went to the Ye chen courtyard.

    " From today on you are my servant and will do as I said" Ye chen said to minger.

    "y_yes , young master" said minger .

    "here take this  cultivation technique and work hard" he said.

    "Yes" she said.

    " Shigure , go train her " he said and they went outside.

    " She is of the gaia clan. Make sure she cultivated well and bring her to my younger sister" he said

    " yes, my lord" one of them.

    At than a royal carriage came to the Ye family.
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