6 Conflic

    In the morning when the empress Saiyan Jun waked very early in the morning and seemed to wait for something. Then a screaming voice came from outside which started the empress and see went to see what happened. When she came outside then see say dozens of head which were her family members or related through blood. Seeing this the empress screamed " noooo" as she fainted.


    In the imperial palace , the library of the king. The emperor Saiyan feng  who seemed to be a middle aged man but seemed very vigorous and was radiating unparalled power. He was reading a report

    called "Salaughter Day" where there was information that the several thousand people are dead and few small or medium influences were completely massacred.

    The emperor asked  to an attendent" who was the one behind it ?"

    The attendent said solemnly" There has been no clue about the murderer and we dont evev know the reason about it"

    Then an attendent came outside from outside hurringly and said " Your masjesty, there is an important message from the Taizen Holy Place"

    The emperor said solemnly " Read it"

    "The emperor "Saiyan feng" there is no need to investigate the murderer of the vermillion cal and other influnces as it was done by that mysterious influences. Dont male them anger otherwise your Saiyan empire will perish. I have already got the warning from that influences and the reason for this slaughter is because of the Ye family youngest miss. They have warned if there will me next assault then there is no need for saiyan empire to Exist at all. And bring that empress of yours to our headquarter immedaitedly and give us confession. Because of her enticement we have to9 be pressured by that influence and dont touch the Ye. You dont have that power now." said the attendent.

    The atmosphere of the room became  extremely heavy.

    "call the empress " said the emperor"

    After sometimes the emperess came and immdiately kneeled down before the  emperor and said full of colad and murderous intent" Your majesty, gives me justice"

    " Do you know why the vermillion clan falled" he askes

    " why?" she asked

    " Its because you took action against the Ye " he said

    "YEEEE" she saod as she gritted her teeth

    " Tommorow we will going to the Taizen palace and get ready to gey your punishment" he said.

    " Why should i get the punishment. It should be the Ye. There whole family should be annihilated" she said in loudly.

    " fool do you think you the strenght. Be Quite and go with me" he said angrily


    At this moment the third imperial prince was having a talk with Ye Chen.

    "Ye chen  you should know why i came?" he asked

    " I know but i will not give her to you" Ye chen said bluntly.

    one of the attendent of the prince said" do you know whom you are speaking with"

    " I know but what. I dont have time for this chitchat, just go away know" as he was bekoning his hand.

    "Y_you do you know the consequences of this Ye chen " said the third prince.

    " Yayaya" he said beckoning hid hand. "now go out"

    and made get away.

    " Call them start the doing the mission I told them" he said

    " Yes, my lord" they said.
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