7 New star

    After the third prince went a maidservant came and said " Young master, Clan head has called you in the meeting room"

    "Ok, You go" he said beckoning his hand and going towards the hall.

    As he entered the hall ,he felt that the atmosphere was full of heavy atmosphere. When he entered everyone saw him and

    the clan head asked" What did the third prince want?"

    He non-chalantly said" He wanted that girl which I brought yesterday and gave to my sister".

    Ye Yun said solemnly" Angering the third prince because of a servant girl ,is it worth"

    He said" As long as they start war , the saiyan will not remain. I always dream for their war declaration" and the hall was covered was in tensionful atmosphere.

    One of the elder in the room asked" Young master, do we have a chance to win?"

    He looked to that elder and the elder felt as he was seeing a giant beat. He said" If it was not because of that pledge, the saiyan would have been exterminated"

    After hearing his word everyone stood up and said" Good we will be supporting every action of young master".

    He  then said" Oh yes. Third uncle it seem that your son want to become patriach."

    After listening to his word,Third uncle stood abruptly and said" Ye chen , hes a child so please dont pay him any attention." His back was in cold sweat and was worrying about his child safety as he remembered Ye chen strenght and cruelty.

    " Do you think I care about this position?" he asked back making the Third uncle stunned.

    " Anyway tomorrow that msterious organization will come and take both me and Ye jun as core discipline. So prepare for it." he said as he left the hall

    Everyone  stood up as they saw him going out and remember that incident which made the hidden ruler of Ye clan. Everyone think his a playboy and waste bu who can think his a tyrant


    After the third prince reached the imperial castle ,he was very angry and went to find his imperial father. He said to the outside attendent to inform that he wanted to talk about something to  his imperial father.

    "Come in" a voice came from inside. And the third prince went inside.

    "Your masjesty" paid the third prince his respected.

    The emperor signalled everyone to move out and there was only  father and son in it.

    "Imperial father , the Ye familoy is getting bold day by day. They even say no us, the imperior clan" said third prince.

    " What happenend?" the emperor asked

    The third prince said everything about that happened today and even mixed his some lies about it.

    " The Ye must be punished" he said

    "OK you can go . I will think about it " said the emperor. Then the library became silent.

    " What do you think" ? the emperor asked. At that time came a shadow from behind the curtain.

    He seemed like a middle aged in his 30's.

    " That incident had througly dissappionted Ye. And that young master Ye hatred is something I know and have been aware of. In the future that hatred will doom us." he said

    " Aiiii" he sighed as he was looking at the Ye mansion


    Today a special guest had come to the Ye family. He was an elder of the mysterious organization A.K.A " Eternal Holy Palace".

    " oh so this the doll of the ye family" he said as saw Ye Jun coming.

    " Come here " he beckoned to her. She came obidiently.

    He asked " Do you want to go Eternal Holy Palace "

    She immediatedly said " no " which surprised everyone .

    He asked" why?".

    She said " I will not leave my brother."

    The elder laughed as he said " Ok. Then he will go with you then. Are you happy then.?"

    " Yeh" she danced as ahe went to Ye chen and  said " Brother we will not be seperated."

    At that a voice came" Elder why waste a quota with a scum". Everyone followed that a saw a dashing youth. everyone recognised hin as he was the third uncle son .

    " elder----" as he was about say something hw was hit by his father so hard that he went flying out of the hall

    " Damn brat , is this your place to say. who are you to question other decision." he roared.

    " You are grounded for a month . get out" he said.

    " Sorry elder" he said

    " It doesnt matter" the elder said.

    " Both of them are going to go tomorrow. What do you think " elder asked

    "No problem" everyone said.

    " No I want to stay here for a week." Ye Jun said. Everyone thought the elder will not agree .

    But the elder only said" Ok".

    By hearing this Ye jun happily laughed . Then, for 1 week she enjoyed her time in the Ye family and today they are ready to leave the saiyan imperial capital. Then a carriage carriyng them left the capital. This was a starting journey in Ye Jun life
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