8 Eternal Holy Palace

    Eternal Palace is a newly emerged influences in the Terra continent and is very special influences. Because it was just established few years ago but it has amazing powers. IT first time showed its power against one of the top 3 influences of the beast race called Tiger clan. It was a heaven shaking war ,the amount powerhouses died in it were innumerable. The amount of emperor powerhouse died in were 50,sages died 20 and  12 supreme powerhouses. There was also the involvement of the powerhouse surpassing  supreme. They were 8 of them. This war was lost by Tiger tribe and if the whole beast clan didnt intervened then the Tiger clan would have been destroyed. It was expected that the war will stop if the whole beast clan  intervened but the Eternal palace didnt agree. They demanded the head of Tiger clan patriarch but the beast clan didnt agree and the war began again. It was thought that the Eternal palace would be defeated because if their arrogance but the result of war was unexpected. This war went on for 1 year but it was nowhere to be finished. Then the several clan of the Terra continent called the peace treaty between the Eternal palace and the beast tribe. The Eternal palace demand was that they get the head of Tiger clan patriarch and half of the domain  of the Tiger tribe and the beast clan were also stubborn and they didnt agree the first condition. They both were arguring for days. The final terms were set that 75%  of the tiger domain were given to the Eternal palace and the third son of the patriarch was given as a slave to the Eternal palace. This is how the war between the Eternal Palace and the beast clan came to an end. Thus the Eternal palace became one of the topest influences of the Terra continent.


    A carriage was going to the toward the Eternal palace. Ye chen and Ye jun were in their.

    "Brother , I am hungry" said Ye jun .

    " ok " he said.

    " Go hunt some animals for our food" he said.

    " Yes, sire" the servants around said.

    " brother , I want go around sight seeing " she said as she was clinging onto his shirt.

    Shaking his head he said" Ok, my princess". Then he brought her to sight seeing with few of his servants. As, they were going further into the jungle, they saw a 8 years youth who was fighting against a tiger and protecting a child behind him.

    " Brother , look that kitty was bullying that child" she said .

    He thought " You are yourself a 4 years child" but he didny dared to say.

    He said " Then why dont you help him"

    "Ok" she said as she was running to their position.

    " Oi, kitty do not bully that child" she said .

    " Dont come here...." yang Xuan said as she saw a small girl coming towards him.

    Before he could complete the sentences he saw that girl put a punch towards the tiger in an amazing speed and blew it . His mouth went O shaped. After he saw a group of people and went forward .

    He said " Thank you for helping us."

    " No problem. But child being bulling by a kitty is not good and try to be strong." she said.

    By hearing this Yang Xuan wanted to hide in a hole.

    " You a late QI condensation practitioner saying that to a mortal. Dont you feel shame " he said as he hit her.

    " Brother, you are bulling me" she said as she touch her head and seemed like she could cry any time.

    Ye chen ignored her and asked " What are doing here?"

    He said " I needed a to find a gerbs so that i can also start practioning ."

    Ye chen  said " Ae" as he nodded his head." Becareful next time"

    And both of them seperated and went their own way.

    Who would have thought that their path will cross again.
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