9 4 years

    Southern part of TERRA  continent near the Shen country lies a famous mountain range called the eternal because of the two reasons. First, because the the range of this mountain region in the longest in the continent. Secondly, because here lies the Eterenal holy palace. Both Ye chen and his group reached today Eterenal holy palace by travelling for month. In the entrance there a group of servants to welcome them.

    Sire,  you are called by the elders" said one of them.

    "ok" said Ye chen as he started following them.


    In the elder hall.

    There were 12 sears of which one belong the sect leader and rest 10 to the elders. And in the highest seat which represent the highest position was used by Ye chen. All the elders and the leader didnt dare to let out a breadth this time.

    "I believe you all already got the instruction and know what to do?" he askkd

    "Yes, my lord" they said.

    "Good. Then provide my sister the position of the holy child. And me the status of the core discipline" he said.

    " Oh, yes where is the chaos stone"

    "The sect leader stoodup and took out a fine jade box. When he opened it , there was a fist size stone in there. The sect leader brought it to the Ye chen. He checked the stone in his hand and was quite happy about it.

    "  Was there more of this stone in the Tiger Tribe?." he asked.

    " No , my lord. There was onlythis amount we had to go to the all-out war against the tiger tribe few years ago" the sect leader said.

    " Oh , yes what is the rank of our influences.

    " In , human race our rank is one of the 5 strongest Holy Palace as the common people  think. But, even if they all combine they cant defeat us. Beast tribe is rank in top ten races if the Terra continent.Since, we are capable of fighting then so we are rank top 10 influences of the world." the sect leader solemnly said.

    " I heard there was an ancient civilization ruin which is going to open after 5 years" he asked

    " yes,my lord" the leader said.

    "How many quota we have  to go there" he asked.

    " There is no concrete amount because the quota will be determined after further discussion with other palace" leader said.

    " OK , you all are dismissed" he said as he went out of the hall.

    Ye chen directly went to meet his sister and said" Practise this 'Heaven Creator' technique "

    She asked" IS it powerful?" sweetly

    "Yes, this technique can only be learned by using chaos stone and I have it. Its very powerful as it will lead you to create a world of your own in the future and promise me to keep a secret" he patiently said.

    Even though she didnt understand she said" ok , brother"


    Many seasons came and went and soon it was 4 years after Ye chen came to Eternal holy palace . Today was the day of recruited new disciple and many new faces can be seen. Among them was a family youth "Yand xuan "
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