10 Yang Xuan again

    Yang Xuan has come with his brother Yang Xu today to the Eternal holy palace to join it.

    Eternal holy palace is very influential so many people can be seen here. To join Eternal holy palace there were some condition like root bone, intelligence etc. There was a huge line in the palace hall to registered the name to participate in the assessment. Both Yang xuan and his brother join the huge line and waited for two double hour before there turn came.

    The disciple asked " your name".

    he said

    " Name= yang xuan


    cultivation= Initial Qi "

    The disciple said " next"

    His brother answered

    " Name =Yang xu


    Cultivation=  late Qi stage"

    The disciple narrowly looked at Yang xu for a few moments and said" next"

    and the disciple continued writing the name of those who are going to test in the assessment. It took nearly 2 days to record the name of the participant.

    Both brothers were staying in an inn which was made for these occassion outside the palace.

    Today was the day when the assessment is going to occured and so both of them are going to palace hall. There were nearly 2000 people in the hall.

    " Everyone came down" said an elder. And the hall became quite.

    " Today you all are here came to join The Eternal holy palace. There are 2000 of you and among which only 100 will be only choosen. There are two test

    1 To test tour root bone so we an know your intelligence

    2 you all will be send to the spirit hall were your will be checked . The highest one to stay there  will pass it. This will make us know your Dao heart.

    "Now start" he said.

    All the people started checking their root bones.

    At last yang xuan turn came and his root bones was checked which was mediocre.

    After yang xuan , Yang xu checked his root bone which was of exceptional class

    Then the second test was immediatedly started.

    All the 2000 people were kept in the spirit hall at the same time. After whole day this test was finished .


    In the test Yang xu passed but Yand xuan was unlucky.

    " Brother dont be sad" Yang xu said as he caught his hand .

    "No, I am not brother. I knew my intelligence already, I only came to join you" he said smillingly.

    Even though he didnt show it yang xu knew it his brother was sad. He knew his brother was a martial art crazed person.

    " Dont worry about me. Its good that  I didnt pass , after all i have take care of our small brother and sisters. And you must work hard and make us proud" he said.

    " Brother dont worry. I will work hard and get it done" Yang xu said.

    "Oh what a brotherly love"   a voice came from there behind . There was a group of people consisting of a young child and few middle aged man.

    " Who are you?" asked Yang xuan as he put his brother behind him.

    " I am who you dont need to know. As, you are going to die" said the young child . As soon as he finished his saying the middle aged people attacked them. They were Extremely fast and caught them.

    " Why are you doing this" yang xuan asked .

    " I didnt pass the test . So, to get a quota your brother must die" young child said.

    The group pf middle aged man caught them easily. And brought them in front of the young child.

    " die" young child said as he tried to stabbed Yang xu but before he could he heard" stop".

    When the young child heard it he turned around and saw a group pf people who were wearing silk clothes and in there clothes had the logo the eternal holy palace.

    The young child was afraid but somehow managed to calm himself of it.

    Then a middle aged said" We greet the fellow daoist"

    "What are you doing to then "  the young boy asked .

    "we...e" the young child didnt know what to say .

    Then they heard" They are going to kill my brother for the quota"

    The group turned around and saw them.

    the young boy said " Leave them "

    The young child said " My brother  is a core disciple here. Leave now otherwise...." but  before h could finish his word a killing intent filled the world . This made the group filled lied they were ssing an asura.

    "Kneel" he said as a heavenly pressured them .

    " A mere core disciple is what " he said and the saw the both brothers.

    " Are you okay?" he

    The brother were also afraid due to the killing intent released.

    " Y..Yes" Yang xuan said.

    " No , need to be nervous. we are acquaintance " The young boy said.

    Yang xuan then saw the boy face ten he said " y..you are that person which I saw before 4 years"

    Yes this boy is YE chen

    " oh remembered me" he said smillingly.

    " well lets go to the the palace  and talk there" he said
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