11 System

    Ye chen brought both brother to a small hill behind the sect.

    Ye chen said"oh both of you sit down " to the brothers. They looked to each other hesitantly and then sit down.

    Ye chen said to the servants " Bring the snacks"

    "oh and you are in trouble" he said .

    " Why" yang xuan asked.

    " That brat whom you fought has a very influential elder in the sect" he said smillingly.

    The atmosphere became depressing immediately.

    " Is there is a way?" yang xuan asked.]

    " Yes, both of you join me" he said. Both of the brothers thought for a while

    " Thanks for the help sire" both of them said it.

    " Oh and Yang Xuan , I have got an extra quota for you so you can join your brother and  call me young master from now on "he said.

    " thank  you young master" Yang xuan said.

    " Ok go and rest" he said and both of them went to rest.

    After they went a person came from behind and asked him" My lord, are they worth it"

    " That small boy has a mysterious strength inside his body. He will become powerful for sure , its my gut feeling" he said.


    Yang xu was in his room and was thinking something.

    He said " System, say it how can I become more strong?".

    Yang xu was a reincarnator and was a brought with a system.

    System" User can fast become strong only when user reach innate realm and unlock the features of the system . the system cannot merge to the user soul because you are too weak"

    "The user also must be careful to that person whom you met before"

    he asked" Why?"

    "Because the system can feel threatened from that person. Hes very dangerous  and do not use the system strength before him "

    He said mockingly " Didnt you said you were the supreme system and this world they are ants"

    "That person is different. Hes too mysterious and powerful. Only when you reached the powerful stage through system ten you might be able too fight him"

    he said shockingly"  If hes that strong then why hes only an core disciple"

    "Who knows, The host must remember to be careful around him"

    he said " ok"


    Today was the day all the recruited disciple was gather in the hall so both of the brother got early.

    " oh both of you got early. Here , eat the breakfast" he said.

    Both yang xuan and his brother sat down and start eating the food.

    "Yes , todays your first day in the holy palace , so you must hurry up and dont worry about that brat influence. I have warned them that you are my people. So, cultivate without any worry in the holy palace"

    Both of the brothers stood up and said" Thank you young master" gratefully. Both of them were worried about this and finally got to breath a sign of relief

    " You are now my people. No one can touch you without my permission" Ye chen said calmly .
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