12 Innate realm

    Today both Yang brothers woke up early and went to the dinning room. When they both went down they saw an exceptionally beautiful girl there. She was about there age but she had a jade like skin and very noble aura around her.

    " You two meet her, my sister Ye jun" he said.

    "Greeting, young lady" they said.

    " No need for these formalities." she said

    " From today you both will follow her" he said.

    They were both stunned and the younger brother anted to say something but was signaled not to say.

    yang xuan said" It will be our honor to serve the saintess"

    Ye chen was surprised and asked" You knew her"

    He replied" No, I dont. But  I  know that your sister is the saintess  so it was easier to understand it "

    " Clever. I thought that you will reject it" he said.

    He said " How could we deny your order, young master"

    Ye jun said" Enough of these nonsense. Brother why did you call me"

    He asked innocently" Cant i call you because I miss you"

    She pouted her face and said"Liar"

    He said" Well since, you are going to practice,take them too"

    She said" They are even weaker than my servant. Why should I take them?"

    He said" they are good seed . They will help us in the future"

    When She heard her brother praise for them then she sizes both of them but still couldnt find something special them.

    " Since ,  both of you have offended an alder in the sect its better to be around her and yes take this cultivation technique and learn it" he said as he took out two scrolls from his sleeves

    " Thanks young master" they said

    " Ok ,tomorrow you will go with her" he said


    Yang Xu went to his room and asked the system " Hey, what rank is his cultivation technique?"

    System replied " Its is a high grade cultivation technique and has one error"

    He asked"  Can you fixed this error?"

    System said disdainfully" Of course I can. Please dont forget  one of the main function of the system is to provide the best cultivation technique without any error and to combine them to provide a unique cultivation technique for the host"

    He said "Only this function "

    system said" As long as your cultivation increase the new function will also come"

    Yang Xu  said " Ae,"

    Then he started cultivation.

    After double half hour he opened his eyes and said " Finally innate realm. "

    " This cultivation technique is awesome"

    Then a notification came from the system

    " Congratulation to the host to reach the innate realm and get an free lottery ticket, a summoning opportunity and a innate petal and a bloodline apportunity"

    " Wow system when did you become generous" he asked

    " To improve the host cultivation and give a bodyguard so you  dont die that easily" the system said

    " What help does this innate realm petal provide" he asked

    " It increase the cultivation of host and might help you reach innate late realm"  system said.

    A soon as he heard it he started cultivating.
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