13 Metropolis City

    After having the innate petal yang xu cultivation reached the middle peak of the innate realm.

    yang xu opened his eyes " This innate petal is great"

    He can feel as long as he practiced carefully he will late innate realm. And when he was thinking about his success a strange voice came to his mind and said" Yang xu come down".

    After he went down and saw both his elder brother and Ye chun was there.

    He said" Have you both heard of the metropolis city?"

    They shook their head and said" no"

    He Said  "   metropolis city is a secret realm in the terra continent which opens every 100 years later. This secret realm has the best cultivation technique , medicines, artifact etc. It is going to open after 4 months. Every elite of an top influences will participate in them. "

    He said " Do you understand ?"

    They both understood its significance but still cant understand why hes speaking to us about it.

    He said" you must be thinking why to say this to you. Its simple I want you to participate in it"

    They both were shocked to hear this and soon  joy and tension fill the air.

    Yang xu asked" Since the elites will going then do we have a chance"

    He said" You all are my people so you will get the chance. Its just going there will be dangerous and you might die so, this decision is still yours"

    They said solemnly "Thanks young master. We will not disappoint you"

    He beckoned his hand and said" Go Practice and dont waste this opportunity".

    both yang brothers went to their room and started practised

    After they went a servant cant help but asked " Sire, why did you let those two waste go in that realm. This opportunity will be wasted in them."

    He said " That yang xu cultivation havent you paid understand, He was just a Qi cultivator yesterday but now his a middle innate realm and might break through it even late innate realm in a few days. His just like them. Having fast cultivation, unpredictable. He is just like them and I am sure he reach peak in the future so why dont we put him in our camp"

    The servant asked" Then whats special about his big brother"

    He said" Nothing special. But there is a good relationship between them so I am giving a favour to Yang xu. Provide them the best cultivation during this time"


    Yang xu was sitting in his room and thinking about  the metropolis city affair.

    He asked " System is there a way to increase my and mine brother strenght in a short while"

    System suggested" The host should first use the reward given by the system and then we will talk about other things."

    He said " ok"

    System then said " Starting the bloodline opportunity. the following options are

    1 Heaven swallowing beast ( Can even  swallow even the heaven)

    2 Tathagata  Buddha ( Can increase talent  in Buddhism cultivation)

    3 Angel and devil ( Having talent in both the light and dark magic)

    4 Phoenix ( Having chance of endless reincarnation and increase in both talent and strength )

    Please roll the coupon "

    He asked " Can I have only one bloodline"

    System said"  The duty of the system is to make the host best so,Why can their be only one bloodline. As the host cultivation increase . the host can can get more bloodline and combine those bloodline and get the most powerful blood in the world"

    He said " start it"

    System said " Congratulation the host getting the Phoenix bloodline and Having chance of endless reincarnation and increase in both talent and strength"

    He said " Good ,now start   the summoning opportunity"

    System " starting the summoning opportunity. The options are

    1 Monkey King

    2 Nuwa

    3 Reas Grimmory

    4 Hawkeye mihok"

    He said " Start it"

    System " Congratulation the host  on getting Reas Grimmory. Now you both have strength and even got a hot chick to warn a bed" The system was showing him a thumps up and praising him for the luck

    He said " Shut up system. What kind of a man do You think I am "

    System " A virgin which will finally test a women for the first time in his life"

    Yang xu was so angry that he wanted this system but was helpless.

    He asked" Where is my bodyguard"

    system said" Cant wait for the taste of a woman. Oh What a horny host I got" The system was acting like a girl having a sadist master who might come for her anytime.

    Yang xu was so angry that he wanted to butcher somebody now.

    he said " Be serious now"

    System said"  ok ok. Reas Grimmory is now in the system storage and can be called be called by the host anytime so you can take her to the metropolis city without making anyone notice and her cultivation is  at least supreme"

    Yang xu was shocked to hear he got a supreme bodyguard. He was so excited that he wanted to say the world he got a supreme bodyguard and he will get everything in the metropolis city.

    system said" Host please have a calm heart. In the future you are going to be the king  of the world and stand at the peak  of the world. And every  bodyguard you get have exceptional talent and can be trained so they can become your powers in the future"

    He asked " Are the real or made by the system"

    System said solemnly and seriously"  All of them are real and living creature. They have emotion,intelligence. Please remember to treat them like a living creature should be. So host dont have to worry about having sex and giving birth to a child"

    yang xu nearly vomited blood by hearing this.  He thought that he would rather face an army but not this system talking.

    Yang xu than started cultivating for the metropolis city.

    Yang xu then suddenly thought " System this time please be serious. How should I help my brother in cultivation"
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