14 Four overlord

    After digesting the reward from the system,Yang xu asked" System do you have anything of a charm amulet for my brother"

    system replied" In the system storage there is but if the host want it , You can only get it by merit points"

    He asked " What is a merit point ?"

    System said " Merit point is a type of a consumable items or numbers which the host get after completing the task given by the system , by trading treasures with system and by getting prestige"

    He asked " What do you mean by prestige"

    system said seriously and solemnly " It means the more the people know about you the more prestige point you get. such as if you become a devil who rapes mature woman or a loli then people will know you. This will get you point"

    He said" **! system you want to make me a pervert"

    System said" no you only need to get prestige by doing bad things or right things . there is no need for being hyper"

    By listening the system talk he finally felt relived but then he thought this bastard system was playing with him.

    he said " damn system be serious"

    System said " I am saying the truth . Anyway you dont have many merit point since this function only start when reach innate realm"

    He asked " Is there no way"

    System said" Yes, there is."

    He said" Then **ing say it , what are you waiting for"

    System said" Please have patience host otherwise how will you face problems in the future. Anyway,the system provide the users with a loan with 50% interest per 4 days"

    He said angrily" You black belly system do you want me to be in your debt for all my lives"

    System said" Host why are you angry. Ok I can give you 50% per month. This is my bottom line"

    He said " You dam vampire system. Just give me the thing I want "

    System said" Ok "


    The next day both Yang brothers went to see Ye chun.

    Ye chen  said " Let us go and meet with my sister and we will go through the eternal holy palace space transmission matrix to the metropolis entrance. by the way take this items with you"

    Then two spot of lights came through the the sleeves of Ye chun and landed in there hands

    He said " These items can help you shield the attack of a nascent soul for three times. Use it wisely"

    Both yang brothers were surprised to get such a items and felt gratitude towards him

    They said" Thanks young master"

    He said " You all are my people so dont worry about it"

    Yang xu thought in his heart" Our young master is better than this vampire system"

    System said angrily" Host,please understand that I can hear your thought. If this happen again then please understand that it wont be good. And dont compare those cheap items with my items "

    As he was listening to the threats of the system then he heard a sweet voice .

    " Brother you finally came"

    Then he saw a beautiful women who had a lade like skin,beautiful eyes and a immature childish face.

    She said as she  pouted her face " Brother you came late "

    He said " What late . You just came early " and hugged her sister.

    Ye chun then turned back and introduces both yang brothers and said " Both of them will go with you to the metropolis city."

    " My sister is already nascent soul cultivator and is among the best younger generation in the Terra continent. So listen to her when both of you are in the metropolis city. Do you understand" he said seriously.

    Both yang brothers said " Yes young master"

    He said " Now lets go to the transmission matrix"

    Then , the group went to the transmission matrix .  After starting the transmission matrix then the light shown on the group then they disappeared.


    Then the group reached the valley. There were many people in this valley ranging from young people to the old people.

    Ye chun said " Well lets go to the temporary base of our eternal holy palace here" Then the group went toward the base camp and entered it.

    He asked " What is the present situation of the valley"

    An elder calmly said" The metropolis city will open within a week and as expected top influences within the continent came this time" Ye chun nodded his head and asked towards yang brother s" Do you know the top influence "

    They shook their head and said " NO"

    He looked toward the elder and the elder said" The top influnces are

    1 Human race ( Having 4 strongest influences alliances AKA Saint Alliances)

    2 Dragon clan and phoenix clan alliances

    3 Gaia clan

    4 Eternal holy palace

    Now you all are thinking that how can the Eternal holy palace be a overlord. Its because we nearly destroyed the Tiger clan and faced with the  Dragon clan and phoenix clan alliances during previous war. And our holy palace not only recruit human but also all kind of race so its not considers within a human race influences. Before there were 3 top influences but now joining of our  Eternal holy palace made it into 4 top influences in the  Terra continent"

    The elder was showing a proud look as he was telling about the Eternal holy palace influences.

    The yang brothers were shocked to hear this as,they didnt expect the Eternal holy palace influences. to be this powerful.

    Ye chun said " Since, you all have known our power then there is no need to hesitate when you meet others so boldly fight and show our dominance to others"

    All the participants were encouraged by his word.

    The elders said" There might be few influences who might challenge you during few days so show them your might"

    Then all the participants went to their own camp expect the yang brothers and his sister.

    Ye chun beckoned his hand and said" Lets go to my room"
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