16 Figh

    Yang xu asked" System give me any powerful power otherwise , I might truly die in there"

    System" Host , how can you be afraid so easily. You are born to rule"

    He said" Fuck , What born to rule. Father might die this time so, give me something useful"

    System " OK, the system issues you 4 mission . Do it

    1 Kiss Ye yun

    2 defeat 1 gold pill master

    3 Find the inheritance of master Yuan ( which is in metropolis city)

    4 Be in top 3 ranking  tommorrow competition held by 4 overlord  "

    When Yaang xu saw the first mission ,he wanted to killl this system once for all. Kissing her ,it self means death. The second mission seems a bit easy as, his battle efficiancy can compete with a gold pill master. The third mission is harder as, he must go the metropolis city. The fourth one is very is also very tedious. He truly sometime think that, this system is truly an unreliable garbage.

    System " please host control your thought otherwise, the first mission will become compulsory"

    he said" sorry, sorry"as his back was filled with sweat.


    Everybody came to the conference room today.

    Ye chen said " Every body today the  competition held by 4 overlord will be held. Only the top 100 will be send in the metropolis city. So, try your best"

    On e of the disciple asked" Why dont the 4 overlord just divide the quota directly"

    Ye chen said " Well , this competition can be joined by anyone whether he is of 4 overlord or not. because

    1 By monopolizing the metropolis city other influences might be discontented against us

    2 It also helps us to recruit new talents"

    He said " since, all of have no question then we shall go the competition arena"

    The group then. went to the competition arena.


    An individual came to the stage in the middle of the arena.

    He said " Hello everyome . my name is Michael Gearge. Today  I will be the judge here in this competition oeganized by the 4 influences. The rule of the competition is

    1 The competition will be divided into 2 parts

    The first one is to hunt Dead beast and gets its demon core. The hoghest one to get will pass this test. You can form team or do it individually is your wish. Only 200 individual will past this test

    2 The second will be the battle part. Only 100 individual will past this test

    Now, everyone will be given 1 hour to rest and then start the test.

    In the resting place of the Eternal palace.

    Ye chen said " Yand brothers, Ye yun and her maid will be one team. Is there any problem" No one raised any objection

    He said" Then ,go and get the demon core. Yang xu remember to work hard"

    Then the group went to the forest for their hunt


    When the yang group were goimg ten

    Ye yun said" Shigure you will protect Yang xuan and both me and yang xu will hunt  the beast. Ahead  100 meters there is a group of these beasts and our hunt start from there"

    She said " I will arrange an array so that cannot run away. "

    After she finished the array  she said" I am going in and you all stay here"

    Then she went inside. Sounds of fighting was coming from the inside. They waited for  half an hour but she still didnt came out . Both yang brothers were worried and asked Shigure" Will she be okay?"

    She said" She is more powerful than you think. So, dont worry and just keep quite here and dont let other intefere with her work".  Both yang brothers were relived and started waiting for them.


    " Where your master, Shigure?" a voice asked her.

    At the  same time few people walked towards them. There were 3 men and a woman. he woman was very beautiful having green eyes and a body like a loli. Amoing the 3 man two were common and the last one hane black eyes and hair. He sems like a villian just by seeing him.

    " What are you doing here young master Long Xia and young miss Chu ren ?" asked Shigure and was secretly paying attention to these 4 people as they were very dangerous.

    "Ms Shigure why are you getting in your fighting mode. We are good friends arent we?" Long Xia asked

    " I dont think my maid status would be fitting for young master Long Xia " she said

    " It breaks my heart Shigure" he said  nonchalantly  and started sizing both yang brothers.

    Both of them faced immersed pressure as a archaic beast was watching them. They felt they would  die anytime if they arent careful.

    " Stop playing with these ants Long Xia. We are here for another business. " Chu ren  said and started staring at Shigure.

    " Where is ye Yun?" she asked

    " Sh-She " Shigure was hesitating . Then she heard a voice

    " I am here Chu ren . What do you want" Ye Yun voices came out as she was out of the array.

    There was not a amount of fatigue seen in her. It wasnt like she had fought with these demon beast for her for an hour.

    " I am here to challenge you. Our last fight wasnt satisfying so I want a rematch" Chu ren  said as she drawed out her weapon.

    " I have heard that so many times , that even I have become bored. You have challenged me about 100 times and you have won none. Chu ren  you cant beat me so forget about fight." she said nonchalantly.

    " Youuu. Whom you are looking down at Ye Yun" Chu ren  said as she moved her sword in an arc towards her neck.

    Ye Yun also draw her sword to counter attack and stopped her attack.

    " Since you want to be beaten into a pulp then okay today I shall fulfill your wish" she said.

    Ye Yun moved at high speed and applied thunder magic in her sword  to attack her.
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