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    Both Long Xia and Chu ren took out their magic weapons and meet the attack of Ye yun.

    Ye yun said" Come inside this array, our fight will start from their"

    Both Long Xia  and Chu ren looked at each other and went inside the with Her.

    Her maid said to Yang brothers"  Cone and see our miss strenght"

    . Then they also went inside of the array. When they went inside array they say montains of corpses of the demonic beasts. The smell of blood permitiated trough entire field. Both yang brothers wanted to vomit.

    The maid said as , she took out baskets from her space ring" Ara Ara. Needs to vomit then here is the basket for you all".

    Ye yun asked her" Why did you bring them here."

    She said" They need to understand that world is cruel. By bringing them here I wanted to increase their there tolerance to blood. And where are Long Xia and Chu ren"

    Ye yun  said as she pointed to the distance " Just like them having  their vomiting lesson." The maid then saw all four members of the team in which both Long Xia and Chu ren were vomiting. It was quite an amusing scene.

    After an half hour, when all the team members stopped vomiting the

    Ye yun said as she was taunting them "  oh! Long Xia and Chu ren  you are looking good. Are you afraid now. To think both Pheonix And Dragon Alliance  super talents cant handle blood . You are just so-so"

    Both white faces Long Xia and Chu ren  nearly turned red because of anger and shame.

    Chu ren said " Dont get over youeself Ye yun" as she took our her weapon  and angrily started to attack her. Long Xia also joined her. Both of them attack from front and behind not giving any chance for her to dodge.

    Bur Ye yun suddenly vanished between them and came behind Chu ren pulling her sword towards her neck. Chu ren somehow dodge it but it still scrath her neck and blood was dripping from their.

    Chu ren said " Both of us must combine our power otherwise we cant beat her".

    Both of looked each other and simultaneouly attacked Ye yun. Both the Dragon Pheonix showed their amazing battle prowess.Long Xia showed the power of his body which was comparable to an saint ranked weapon and Chu ren showed her various magical activities. Both of them complemented each other. They had flawless coordination.

    By seeing it both Yang brothers were worried .

    Seeing them so worried her maid said" You dont have woory about her. You see their both Long Xia and Chu ren  are using their full power. But did any of their attack harmed her and cant you both of their stamina are depleting very quickly.So, calm down and see her strenght which is top of the new generation."

    Just as the maid said , after fighting for nearly an hour both Long Xia and Chu ren  were sweating profoundly but Ye yun looked as, calm as ever.

    Ye yun said " Is that all that you have got. Acting so high and mighty but having so little strenght. So small lizard and small chicken say how should I handle you". Both Long Xia and Chu ren so ashamed and angry after hearing what she said that they wanted to continue fighting with her but they knew that they were not her matched and afraid that she might truly kill her in anger.

    Long Xia asked as he kept staring her" What do you want?"

    She replied " Give me everything you have in your body"

    Both Long Xia and Chu ren  were so angry by hearing she wanted her all treasures that wanted to started fighting with her again.

    Ye yun asked " What dont want to give" as, she started releasing her murderous intent. Both Long Xia and Chu ren felt huge pressure in them. It was like meeting an ancient beast.

    At that time two of their team came forward and said" Ms Ye yun please calm down. Both young master Long Xia and yound Miss Chu ren will give them their treasure"

    Both of them were talented people who were made to serve Long Xia and Chu ren , just like e yun maid was.

    Chu ren said " But brother why should we "

    Long Xia also said " Why dont we join and beat "

    But both of them remain calm to the answer of Long Xia and Chu ren

    one of them said" Even all of us combine are not her match. And do not forget that their is also Ms Wang with then" as he pointed towards ye yun maid.

    They both understand that it was necessary to compromise and took out their belongings and gave it to her. Then all of them went away.

    By seeing the prowess of Ye yun both Yang brothers were shocked,especially Yang xu looking at the Ye yun his eyes flashed through many thoughts but he shooked his head away and again became calm.

    At this time a sound came in Yang xuan mind " Host quickly collect this demon core. I can help you to transfer to gold core very fast"

    He asked suspiciously " Are you sure?"

    System said"100% sure"

    By hearing this Yand xuan  didnt know what do to but for his future he went  towards ye yun .

    He standed there wanting to speak but couldnt. Ye yun noyices this and asked" What happened?"

    He said" Can I get all the demon cores? Its important" . Ye yun looked at him deeply.

    She said" no". Yang xuan wasnt particularly surprised about it and before he could speak

    She said" After competition is finished , I will give you"

    Yang xuan was surprised and said " Thank you"

    She waved her armed and said" No need. And be careful about them in them in the second competition"

    He was shocked by hearing this and asked" They dont have the cores so shouldnt they be out of competition"
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