18 Promotion

    Ye yun repiled" WE are one of the four overlord of the terra continent. We have special right to occupy 10 seats for us. So whether they pass or not doesnt matter. "

    He asked" Then why not just control it by ourselves"

    She said" We can but we didnt because we will be the enemy of entire terra continent.Plus, doing this has no benefit for us. Rather by having extra 10 seats means having extra privileges and status.And if we won the competition then we can directly get extra seats. We can even sell those seats which have a lot of profit. The otjher most important profit is that we can recruit talent. The people coming here are one of the best and we can judge them and recruit them. Afterall an influences need complete flow of blood. There are many profit so we dont control the metropolis city"

    By hearing the Ye yun analysis he understood the current pattern and totally agreed with this thought.

    ye yun asked " Do you any more cores. If you need we can help you"

    By hearing this Yand xuan was shocked and immdiately said" Please help me collect them. It has great use for me"

    Then the team went to other areas and started hunting.

    Along the way both yang brothers were also joining the fight. They wanted to test there strenght and fought alone and until they were on the verge of death no one help them. After all they are cultivators and must be ready for fight anytime. Its the best tempering place for them here.

    when both yang brothers were fighting te yun and Shigure wqere talking about few things.

    Shigure asked" Young miss why do you care about them so much". She can naturally see that Ye yun was taking special cre for both the yang brothers. She have always seen her Young miss indifference and cold attitudes towards other except her brother. But today she taking special care about these two. She truly cant find anything special about them.

    Ye yun said" My brother choose them for me so I am siure there must be something special about them . He have always made the best choice for me so I am sure this time is also its best for me . And my brother have hinted me that this Yang xuan will atleast will become one of the strongest warrior. So,  having an relation ship with them is good"


    After the time for the competion finished they went to the  competion site and fulfilled their task and were one of the top 10 people.

    Ye yun took out an inter space ring and gave it to Yang xuan and said" Here are all the that we have harvested. Take them" and she went away.

    After taking the inter space ring he went towards his room and closed it properly and even opened the formation around the house.

    He asked the system " What are the uses of these cores"

    System replied" It can be used to increase you cultivation fool . If these are exchanged then I can provide you with enough essence or points to cultivate to gold core cultivator which will increase our chance to get treasure in the metropolis city"

    By understanding all this he exchanged all cores with the system points.

    With all the points exchanged he heard the system voice " Host be ready. It will be painful "

    After the voice ended he felt an an excruciating pain as his soul  was being burned. This condition continued for half am hour. After the pain he huge strenght. He could feel that there was an round object in his dantian. When he formed his gold core an huge pressure came out from him and it was increasing at huge rate. It went from initial gold core to middle gold core peak and was only a last step from the late gold core.

    system said" Congratulation host to reach middle gold core peak cultivation"

    He asked" System today when I fought with the demon beast , I found a my one weakness. That is I dont have top cultivation technique. How should I get it?"

    System said " Host can get it by gaining system points or exchange with objects like heavenly treasures"

    He asked" How many points do I have ?"

    System replied" 400 SP"

    Then before he was going to ask something to the systen a knock came from the door. He went outside and saw Ye chen and others

    He asked" How are you here young master?"

    Ye chen" comgratulation on forming the gold core"

    He asked " How do you know?"

    Ye chen said seriously" When you formed the gold core a huge pressure from your room. It was lucky that we came for your protector otherwise do you think in this environment you will be protected. Your avchanment are not that powerful boy. Few old monster loves to obstruct others from advancing specially genius"

    When Yang xuan heard he felt his back cold. He truly was negligient this time. And he felt grateful for Ye chen and others who came here.

    Ye chen said" Do you want to keep us outside forever like this"

    He said and invited others" Sorry.. sorry. Please come inside"

    Ye chen and others cane inside and Ye chen asked" What rank is your core"

    He said" I dont know it"

    Ye chen looked at him seriously and then said" No matter it must be a high grade one. And it seems you directly break through middle stage of gold core"

    When others heard that they were amazed by this. Yang xuan has come to the Eternal Holy Palace recently and he became  gold core so easily.

    Ye chen then took out a jade slip from his storage ring and then gave it to Yang xuan and said" Here are few top cultivation technique. Check it which one you want"

    He said " Thank you young master". He kept those cultivation technique in his storage ring.

    After that they talk for a while and dispersed.
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