19 Competition Day

    Yang xuan checked those cultivation technique given to him by Ye chen.

    He said "System check these technique and find the best one for me". Then the system started to scan these technique.

    System said " Host, These technique are quite good and few flaws of these technique has been eliminated. If host can spend few Systen point then these all technique can be learned by you now."

    He asked" How many points?"

    System said" 200 sp"

    He clenced his teeth and agreeingly said " Ok , use the sp for learning"

    Then the system spend the sp and tranfer all the knowledge about the cultivation technique to Yang xuan brain.

    He asked " System how are these cultivation technique compare to the cultivation technique  in your system"

    System said" host you are looking down on me. Even though these technique may be top class in this Barren land but for me they are bit higher than trash"

    He asked " I have already formed a gold core so there are any rewards like the last time"

    System said" Yes you have got three chances to use Time tower for free"

    He asked " What is Time tower?"

    System explained" Time tower is a tower where the tome is 10 times faster than the outside"

    He asked" In the future can I have more chances to come"

    System said " Yes, just the host must use sp"

    He said firmly" Then just send me in "

    System said" Ok ". Then a light surrounded Yang xuan and he dissapeard.


    Ye chen was alone in his own room. It was quite and no one was there.

    He asked " What do you think of Yang xuan?"

    When the voice just finished few people came out of nowhere.

    An middle aged man said" To reach this realm within few days are good"

    The other people just nodded.

    He said" This time the tour the metropolis city seems different. A lot of insects have come. Do you know why?"

    One of them said" Few people from the upper bounds have come this time. I have heard they send few young people for this trial.They will directly participate in the trial."

    Among them a young woman who was maid of Ye yun said" A few of them have their eyes set in young miss. Few people came to take her but was stopped by me"

    The surrounding suddenly became cold.

    The a cold voice came asking " Who?"

    She replied " Dragon Palace Young master Long aotian"

    Ye chen smiled " Those lizards and chicken are always like this. Make their arrogant dissapear"

    Just as his voice came to an end all this people dissapear and room again became quite.


    Near the dragon and pheonix alliances four people came out of nowhere and went to the Long aotian room. In the room they can hear few voices of young man and woman in an intimating postures and enjoying themselves.

    The young woman was Chu ren .

    Chu ren saked " Young master you said you would take revenge for me. Why havent you taken action yet"

    He said " I have already sent my men to take care of her. They are my protector and there level are high enough. When she is brought I will have sone fun with her and after that I will let you take your revenge with enough time" as he remembered Ye yun figure which was just lije a fairy.

    Chu ren immediately knew that wjhat he was thinking. She was extrenely jealous of Ye yun but she immediately consoled her by thinking how she will be her slaves from now. As she was thinking how to tortured her a voice came" You ant want to touch young miss. You truly court death"

    Long aotian and Chu ren were shocked as they saw 4 people coming out of nowhere and asked " Who are you?"

    One of them said" It doesnt matter because from now you will face hell" Before they could say anything the middle aged man  put unconscious spell on them.

    Shigure smilingly said" Put the young man on the gay brothel and cripple him. For his whole life he must serve other old men with disgusting habits. For Chu ren sells her to the brothel making her sell her body. By the was bring their parents as well and make them enjoy it"

    Then they both dissapeared.


    The day of competition have arrived. Yang Xuan came from the Time tower and his cultivation was stable and with the help of the system he has mastered all types of cultivation . He is quite confident to solve the system quest and be in top 10 of the competition.

    He then both met Ye chen and Ye yun.

    Ye jun took out a jade slip and gave it to him saying" Here is information about your competition"

    He said: Thank you young miss"

    He checked the list and went to the arena.

    His apponenet for this time is Shangguan Ji. He is a late gold core cultivator and related to the DPA.

    Shangguan Ji looked at him and said" Boy accept defeat otherwise you might regret"

    But Yang xuan ignored him.

    It angered him and he uswed the direct killing intent. Yang xuan noticed his sinister attack and try to dodge him but he couldnt get read of him. No matter how many time he dodged Shangguan Ji immediately changed his track and attack him. He was losing his energy very fast.

    At that a voice came to his mind"Fool host use the battle technique you learned yesterday"

    Yang xuan immediately understood and used a movement skill.

    named " Soaring eagle" and was able to free lose from him and directly used the sword technique to fight him. Then also the match was only equal.At last Yang xuan oppponent was defeated because of the deficiency of the mana.

    After that he went to Ye chen and Ye jun and then directly went to his room

    He asked" System, I am better than him why was I nearly defeated?"
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