20 Time Tower

    System replied" Even though host foundation is good but the host has no battle experience and cannot fully use 100% of your power"

    He asked" Do you have any solution?"

    System" There is no short cut for gaining experience."

    He said angrily" Dont you call yourself omnipotent and is always bragging about yourself."

    System" There is one way but its quire costly"

    He asked confusingly" costly?"

    System said" Yes,costly. Because you dont have enough point so you cant use it"

    He asked" Can I use spiritual stone?"

    System said" yes"

    After hearing the system reply he went to find Ye chen.

    Ye chen asked" what happened?"

    Yang xuan replied" Young master , I am in a urgent need of  spiritual stone. PLease help me in this"

    Ye chen looked at him for a while and decided to give it to him. He wavered his hand and a pounch fell in Yang xuan hand. It was a universal pouch which can store things in it.

    Ye chen said"  There is 1000000 spiritual stones in it. Those should be enough"

    Yang xuan was quite happy and surprised and said" Thank you young master. I will return them to you soon"

    Ye chen non chalantly sad" You are my subordinate. This much providing you is of no big deal for me. Use them wisely and you dont have to return them to me"

    yang xuan thanked him then went to his room

    He hurriedly said " System I have many spiritual stones here. Change them to the SP "

    Then the system immediately the spiritual stones into the sp.

    He asked" How can i increase my level now"

    System said" Host you can use this sp in time tower. Using the sp you can add the battle training option in the tower. By using this sp you can have 1 year in the tower and have the battle experience"

    He said" Start it now"

    system said" Yes"

    Yang xuan who entered the Time tower asked" What will be my test?"

    System said" The test will be divided into 3 parts

    1. In First layer you will allowed to fight with 10 vultivators if the same rank

    2. In second layer you will be made to fight with people who are 1 level higher than you. There will also be 20 people. ( Host dont worry because after completion of each task you will get reward which will help you in increasing your battle efficiency

    3. In this layer there will be only one person. You will only fight with him to learn and he will guide you.(In this layer you dont have to defeat rather learn and get marks for learning)

    Host you will not die in this layer but the pain from injury and death will be 2 times. Please be careful"

    Yang xuan carefully readed the information provided by the system and finally a determination flash through his eyes and went inside the Time tower.


    Somewhere near the mountains a group of people were secretly meeting.

    No 1 of them asked" Are all the preparation complete"

    No 2 one said" All  are complete. Dont worry"

    No 3 asked" are you sure that no one will find out"

    No 1 sais" I am sure. "

    No 3 asked" But we must be extra careful. If the Eternal Holy Palace found it out were gonna die"

    No 2 disagreeingly said" do you think there will be a Eternal Holy Palace if we succeeded"

    No 3 said" No at most I believe they will have a frasture. Destroying one the overlord can only be possible if 3 overlord combines. Plus this Eternal Holy Palace is quite strange. Whe dont even know their full strenght even now"

    The No 2 wanted to say something but was stopped by No 1 and said" No 3 is right. A overlord is not a cabbage which you want to cut then cut. I know you hate them but do not forget their strenght. just by their power which they have shown in the past they are already the first in the overlord. You must understand ever overlord have upper realm backing. And will never allow other to get their resources but this Eternal Holy Palace was able to get. Even those influnces which support the overlord in the upper realm were visited by few people and were made compromised. So you must understand the Eternal Holy Palace influnces"

    All the other were surprised by hearing this information. They never knew the Eternal Holy Palace has such influnces.

    No 4 asked" Then why are we doing this"

    All the others same wanted to know this.

    No 1 bitterly smiled and said" I dont know. All are above instruction. Even I didnt wanted this task but they forced us"

    No 3 dissatisfiedly said" Why are we so afraid of that puny Eternal Holy Palace "

    No 4 said" Ok i know i konw. Now be quite. Have you talk to others. "

    No 3 said" Yes, They will do according to our wished during this event"

    Then they started to talk about other precaution


    In ye jun yard a figure came to meet her who was Ye chen.

    Ye jun was happy to have him and directly went to hug him. Ye chen pet her head and lovingly looked at her.

    He said" You are one of the top contestant and directly will be placed 10 easily without any effort. But I want you to breakthrough nascent soul today and I have brought Nascent pill. Go consume it."

    And directly took the medicene and didnt ask him why to break through the nascent soul and directly  went inside the courtyard to consumed it to break through.

    Outside the courtyard Ye chen was and then spoked "have you found the mice and their master"

    Then a person in black vlothes vame and respectfully said"We have found few of them but still dont a thing about the mastermind"

    Ye chen waved his hand and said" I need result soon".

    The man vanished in the darkness.

    Ye chen then started mumbling himself" Why target target the Eternal holy palace. Who is it.

    Well forget it. It will take few years for my dull power to return and improve. When my power comes I shall then kill them"
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