Technomancer: Genesis

Quantum physicist with eidetic memory (photographic memory) reincarnates into the world of Arcanium where magic is observable and can be manipulated by humans._________________________________________________Disclaimers: 1. This is not a xanxia, wuxia, cultivation or an eastern fantasy novel if that is what you are looking for then please find other novels to read.2. The novel starts off with a low word count because I did not think that this would gain a following of sorts. After chapter 8 the word count increases to 1k to 1.6k words3. There will be detailed explanations for certain things in the book if you don't like that then this is not the novel for you.4. I will try to limit the info dumps as much as possible and release it into bite-sized bits.5. The novel is not yet fully edited as of this writing, I publish chapters as soon as I finish them.6. The novel is parental guidance. There will be cussing and some swear words in chapters.Editor: NONE

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