1181 Crossing the River

    The final defense of the natural source of the Great Cosmological Abyss was the river of resentment, which had gathered the grievances of many fallen Dao Ancestors who could not break through.

    It would take the lives of second-realm Dao Ancestors to appease them for a moment?

    The scene became strange when this piece of information came out.

    "How malicious for there to be such a restriction! We can't let this happen..." Dao Ancestor Feng Hua gnashed her teeth.

    Even so, six Dao Ancestors separated and vaguely isolated the other two figures.

    They isolated Dao Ancestors Jun Tian and Hu Tian!

    Seeing this, Dao Ancestor Jun Tian could not help smiling bitterly. "Everyone... this thought never crossed either of Hu Tian's or my mind. This river might be terrifying, but if Hu Tian and I join forces, we can make it stand still for a moment. The only issue is if that Emperor Beast attacks us while we're doing so..."

    "Patriarchs, please rest assured. We'll take care of it!" Lord Savage made his stand immediately. He threw a glance at the approaching void beast kings. "Long delays cause complications. Patriarchs, please do it quickly!"

    "Hmph! We conserved our energy earlier for this last moment!" Patriarch Hu Tian snorted coldly and strode forward.

    Patriarch Jun Tian smiled lightly and waved his sleeves, which danced in the white light.

    Pure black light appeared on Dao Ancestor Hu Tian's body. The black and white converged like the two sides of the Taiji, constantly rotating before finally becoming chaos, giving birth to a pure light!

    "This is... the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss? The true power of the Great Cosmological Abyss?!" Fang Yuan's pupils shrank slightly.

    The power created by these two Dao Ancestors was by no means comparable to the secondary power of the Great Cosmological Abyss. It was almost the same as the true power of the Great Cosmological Abyss.

    Perhaps it's just a tad shy, but it's astonishing enough to be able to achieve this. No wonder they have the confidence to kill the Emperor Beast if they join forces!

    Fang Yuan watched as the ray of light descended upon the river of resentment, which reflected the light brightly.

    The hands of those fallen Dao Ancestors actually shrieked ghastly as they turned into smoke. Some of them shrank back into the river, not daring to reveal themselves.

    Even the entire river was calm and as smooth as a mirror. The aura making the Dao Ancestors uncomfortable shockingly disappeared altogether!

    Under the light, even the void beast kings backed away, not daring to cross the minefield!

    A ray of white light penetrated the Great Cosmological Abyss Universe, suppressing everything!

    "Quickly cross the river!" Dao Ancestor Jun Tian's clear voice awakened the stunned Qing Ji and other Dao Ancestors.

    Seeing not a single ripple in the river, they finally calmed down and rushed across it.

    These two patriarchs have shown such overwhelming strength. If they really wanted to, I'm sure they could have defeated the void beast kings, crossed this river, and probably even defeated the Emperor Beast. Why didn't they? Is it because they're wary of each other? How sad...

    Fang Yuan's thoughts moved, as though he grasped something.

    But a sudden turn of events happened at this moment!


    The water surface suddenly exploded when most of the Dao Ancestors were crossing the river.

    The river water, full of resentment and with a terrible corrosive power, started raining down.

    Chi Chi!

    The water fell onto the defenses of the Dao Ancestors, and white, curling smoke immediately rose, making the six Dao Ancestors turn blue.

    Roar Roar!

    Most importantly, a huge black shadow surfaced from the middle of the river, finally showing its true form!

    It had the head of a horse, the antlers of a deer, the body of a snake, and the tail of a fish. It looked like the mystical dragon from the legends of the East, yet it carried a pair of wings like that of Western dragons. Its body seemed to be made of incomparably firm diamond, and it could actually stay at the bottom of the river of resentment for a short time!

    Even though the Dao Ancestors were prepared to deal with a sneak attack from the Emperor Beast, how could they have expected it to be lurking at the bottom of the river?

    Fang Yuan had thought that it was only a magical power masking its aura and form. He did not expect that it was lurking beneath the river of resentment as a cover, leaving no traces of its aura.

    The roar of the Emperor Beast created sound waves that immobilized all the Dao Ancestors.

    This was a natural deterrence from the depths of the soul, resembling the kind that ordinary humans had when facing dragons!


    Fang Yuan was a Dream Master, and he was most resistant to such mental attacks. He woke up first, only to find himself in a strange state. Time and space had become chaotic, and he could not move for quite some time.

    The roar of this Emperor Beast actually attacked both their minds and reality, and the dual nature of this attack made it difficult to deal with!

    Even so, such a roar could only immobilize the Dao Ancestors for a moment.

    But this moment was exactly what the Emperor Beast needed.

    During the roar, it was already falling with a thunderous momentum!

    "Not good!"

    Fang Yuan clearly could see that the Emperor Beast was ignoring Patriarchs Hu Tian and Jun Tian. Instead, it was going for the six Dao Ancestors currently above the river, trying to drag all six of them into the river of resentment.

    Even the patriarchs would be unable to save them if they were to fall into the river and were attacked by the Emperor Beast!

    Is this clipping the wings first? It's enough to see just how powerful and terrifying the two patriarchs are to this Emperor Beast. It seems to think that it wouldn't be able to kill them even in this place...

    However, Fang Yuan had awakened a split second faster than the other Dao Ancestors.

    Sometimes, this split second was enough to be the deciding factor!

    His body moved around quickly, like a fish swimming, utilizing a myriad of transformations to reach the edge of the river before the claws of the dragon caught him.

    But it was still useless!

    The claws of the dragon swelled in an instant and came crashing down on his head!

    "Evil beast!"

    "How dare you!"

    Fang Yuan had no more tricks up his sleeve, but he believed that these Dao Ancestors would go all out to save themselves!

    Sure enough, one of them used their hidden trump card and slightly delayed the Emperor Beast's killing blow!


    The pure white light in Fang Yuan flashed, and his eyes seemed to explode with flames. He shifted his body sideways, avoiding the claws and managing to reach the riverbank on the other side.

    This small shift was the difference between life and death!


    Behind him, the dragon claw landed, the black river howled, and the vengeful souls of the Dao Ancestors appeared again.

    Blood-curdling cries came from the mist.

    Fang Yuan stood still, looking at Dao Ancestors Hu Tian and Jun Tian, who had already arrived at this side of the riverbank, and his heart turned cold.

    These two patriarchs had not helped the six Dao Ancestors while they were under attack. Instead, they had used the opportunity to cross the river and reach the altar without any damage!

    At such a critical juncture, these two Dao Ancestors showed their indifference!

    The path to supremacy was indeed paved with many bones beneath them.

    The black river suddenly stopped howling.

    Fang Yuan knew that was because it had obtained the blood sacrifice of a Dao Ancestor and was temporarily appeased. He wondered which one of them had fallen.


    Black water splashed, and two streams of light flew out of it with the dragon's shadow behind them.


    A black light was slightly slower and was dragged back into the river.

    A jade-green light appeared beside Fang Yuan. It was Dao Ancestor Feng Hua!

    However, this female Dao Ancestor now had an unkempt appearance. Her clothing was torn, and her breathing was extremely unstable. She was obviously seriously injured!

    "Hehe... I didn't think that you'd still have the advantage in the end, Jun Tian!" Patriarch Hu Tian smiled falsely.

    "Your helpers weren't wiped out either." Patriarch Jun Tian was staring at the altar.

    A black snake swam out of the black river and turned into the figure of Dao Ancestor Black Thorn.

    Its robes were torn, showing a translucent, gender-neutral face and body, and was expressionless. Nonetheless, it seemed to be in much better shape than Dao Ancestor Feng Hua.

    "This black river swallowed three Dao Ancestors at once?" Fang Yuan was very shocked. His thoughts turned to Qing Ji, saddening him a little.

    "All right. Since we're here, we can now discuss the distribution of the natural source of the Great Cosmological Abyss!" Patriarch Jun Tian said gently while looking at the survivors.

    "Naturally, the patriarchs will enjoy it first. We'll only distribute it if there's any left!" Dao Ancestor Feng Hua might be seriously injured, but she was still able to talk eloquently at this time, without affecting her previous state of mind.

    In fact, the Dao Ancestors who survived the upheaval just now were the best of the best.

    Even Dao Ancestors Jun Tian and Hu Tian were slightly surprised with the results!

    "Hmm, we'll do it this way then!" The two patriarchs exchanged gazes and nodded. "However, we still have to deal with the Emperor Beast first!"

    Not only was the Emperor Beast cunning, but its strength was even more astonishing. If Patriarchs Hu Tian and Jun Tian were to fight it alone, they would not be its opponent. As such, they had to join forces and display the light of the Great Cosmological Abyss to defeat it.

    This was also why they did not move even though the altar, and the hope of breakthrough, was within their grasp.

    No one knew what would happen while they were refining the natural source of the Great Cosmological Abyss. If the Emperor Beast were to attack during this time, they would probably not end up better than the other Dao Ancestors!

    Dao Ancestor Hu Tian's thoughts flashed, and his gaze fell on Dao Ancestor Black Thorn. "Black Thorn, your Dao Fruit is indeed strange since you can waltz through the river of resentment. How about you head into the black river and lure the enemy? Jun Tian and I guarantee that you will refine this natural source after us."

    Faced with this temptation, Dao Ancestor Black Thorn kept silent.

    It might be foreign aid that Dao Ancestor Hu Tian invited, but luring the Emperor Beast from the black river was no longer a matter of danger. It was a matter of life or death!

    And of course, it treasured its life.

    "I know this is dangerous, but what if others help you?" Patriarch Jun Tian smiled as he turned his gaze to Fang Yuan and Dao Ancestor Feng Hua.

    "Patriarch, we won't be able to do anything to the Emperor Beast even if the three of us were to do it together..." Dao Ancestor Feng Hua's expression was troubled.

    The situation on the field was very obvious. Being the one with the most serious injuries, she was the most likely to die if they were to lure the enemy!
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