150 Preparation

    The sky was dark.

    There was supposed to be a banquet after the ceremony.

    However, the Secluded Mountains Prefecture was facing an imminent crisis. Those in power were not in the mood to be frivolous. They had either left the ceremony or were waiting for Fang Yuan to give his orders.

    "Prefecture Master!"

    Fang Yuan stood majestically on a high platform.

    Zhang Qingfeng arrived behind him and bowed deeply before reporting, "The names of those families and sects which have left the prefecture city have been taken down!"

    "Very well, once I have assumed my position, I will order leader Niu to bring his troops and use those people as examples to warn the rest!"

    Fang Yuan stroked his chin, his eyes flashed coldly.

    How would Wu Country react to his display of strength?

    'Even Wu Country has to pay for murdering Liu Yan. I would be able to buy some time if I display my strength and confuse them further.'

    'There is no time to retrain the troops. However, there is sufficient time to flush out those traitorous families and sect!'

    Grand Hall.

    The candles burned brightly and lit up the surrounding.

    The surrounding four bronze pillars contained blocks of ice with pipelines to emit cold air but the people in the room still felt hot and uneasy.

    No matter what, no one would be at ease facing Wu Country.

    "The Prefecture Master ascend to his throne!"

    Following the music, the entire hall was silent.

    Fang Yuan sat upon the golden Nine Dragons Throne and looked down at the masses.

    Below him, Leader Niu, Zhang Qingfeng, Yu Xinlou, Zhang Sheng and a few other trusted aides were present.

    Upon seeing his arrival, the people who were feeling uneasy appeared to have found their pillar of support. They quietened down and waited for his instructions.

    "Zhang Qingfeng, explain the situation!"

    Fang Yuan waved his hand as he maintained a poker face.

    "Yes, sir!"

    Zhang Qingfeng stepped forward, bowed at Fang Yuan before facing the crowd, "according to my reports, the troops of Wu are gathering at the borders of the country. Their numbers are no less than 10,000! Furthermore, although the Summer Sun Prefecture is in shambles, there are troops being deployed in the Clear Spring Prefecture and the Xia Country capital. We cannot discount the possibility of an attack on multiple fronts! The army that we are facing in total might be more than 20,000!"

    The people in the hall shivered.

    "What about our side?"

    Fang Yuan was unconcerned and probed on.

    "We have gathered the troops in the 6 counties. In addition to the factions in the Summer Sun Prefecture, we have around 30,000 soldiers. Furthermore....most are new soldiers who did not have sufficient training!"

    Zhang Qingfeng said bitterly.

    The Secluded Mountains Prefecture was sorely lacking highly-skilled warriors in the beginning. Now, even the common military might was lacking as compared to other prefectures or countries.

    It was no longer as simple as a defeat but rather an irrevocable loss!

    "Very well! In my position as the Prefecture Master, I will now give the first order!"

    Fang Yuan's face remained unchanged upon hearing all kinds of bad news, "Those sects and families that are loyal to the Secluded Mountains Prefecture, fortify the defenses and gather at the prefecture city!"

    "At the same time, Leader Niu, bring the troops and purged the prefecture of those whose names appeared in the list!"

    "I want to make sure no enemy would get a single grain of rice or sway a single person in my land!"


    The faces of the masses changed when they heard those words.


    Zhang Qingfeng said, "The enemy is too powerful. This plan would only buy us some time but in the end, it would not be of any use... the Secluded Mountains Prefecture would be reduced to a swamp!"

    "Your loyalty is commendable!"

    Fang Yuan said, "I have my own plans and am making preparations. You do not have to say anything more and may go now!"

    Zhang Qingfeng retired. He was gloomy before he had a sudden realization.

    This Prefecture Master was barely over 20 years old and had already achieved so much in martial and spiritual arts. Could it be that he was also a genius in other fields?

    He was worried as he had seen many martial arts geniuses who created a mess when they tried their hands on other things.

    "Yes, sir!"

    Leader Niu answered loudly and was full of energy. "I had long wanted to teach those people a lesson! Now, they will know the power of the whip!"

    It was obvious that he wanted to punish the traitorous families who betrayed those in the Summer Sun Prefecture and would not go easy on them.

    "As for Leader Niu, you will recuperate your wounds to prepare for the oncoming battle!"

    Fang Yuan further comforted Xiang Zilong.

    The two people were the most highly-skilled martial artists he had.

    "I am willing to serve the Prefecture Master and avenge the previous Prefecture Master!"

    Xiang Zilong used his remaining arm which could move to salute, "Xiang Zilong will follow all your orders!"

    "Very good, with the two of you working together, what can I not achieve?"

    Fang Yuan laughed heartily and gave another order, "Yu Xinlou, I need you to help me collect some stuff, the greater the quantity, the better. As for you, Zhang Sheng, I would need you to make a trip to Xia Country capital and the Clear Spring Prefecture to deliver 2 letters!"

    "Yes, Sir!"


    Yu Xinlou and Zhang Sheng carried out their orders while Xiang Zilong pondered for a while before asking, "Prefecture Master, do you mean to cut ties with Xia Country?"

    He butted in, which resulted in Zhang Qingfeng feeling momentarily annoyed and Yu Xinlou to glare at him.

    "That is naturally the case. After all, the Secluded Mountains Prefecture is given to Wu Country. Liu Yan is already dead. What other reasons do they have to remain as enemies?"

    Fang Yuan shook his head, "Even if they send troops to help Wu Country, it will just be a front and cause the neighbouring counties to strengthen their defense. This will buy us some time and allow us to battle Wu Country to decide the victor!"

    "The Prefecture Master is indeed wise!"

    Xiang Zilong was satisfied with the explanation and retired.


    By the end of July, Niu Dingtian had purged countless traitorous families and disciples of the sects.

    Wu Country was unable to help those traitors. Niu Dingtian was backed by a Wu Zong and supported by a large army. No one was a match for him.

    Except for those who felt something was amiss and fled the prefecture long ago, the others were not so lucky.

    The relocation of the masses also started just like that.

    The two moves were unpopular with the masses and Fang Yuan received backlashes from the two moves as the newly appointed Prefecture Master.

    Wu Country army camp.

    The soldiers of Wu set up camp with their military banners flying high. Each sector was filled with trenches and was heavily guarded. Every soldier was going about doing their own things and it was not feasible to harass or poison the troops.

    All of them were fit and muscular. Their face looked as if they were ready to kill.

    The Country of Wu placed a strong emphasis on the military where the king had absolute authority over it. The army had over 20 ranks and the soldiers were rewarded heavily for their effort, be it gold, silver, women, land and even martial arts manuals. As such, the troops took pleasure in going to war and the military might of Wu Country was far greater than that of other neighbouring countries. Only the cavalry of Yuan Country was ahead of them when battling in the grassland.

    "Imperial Advisor!"

    In a huge tent, the floor was covered in golden fleece which was unceremoniously stepped on. Incense was lit in the four corners, emitting green smoke.

    Wu Wudao sat cross-legged. He suddenly opened both his eyes to look at Taoist Xuan Sheng.

    "Your Six Soul Eyes is considered to be the best amongst the Wu Country's 3 great miracle techniques. To think it would be destroyed?"

    Wu Wudao's heart skipped a beat as he looked at the gaping hole.

    "That new Secluded Mountains Prefecture Master is no ordinary man. He is a threat to Wu Country!"

    Xuan Sheng spoke coldly, "Not taking his physical cultivation into account, his magical energy is immensely strong to the point that it is terrifying!"

    "I heard that he is only 20 years old? He is indeed a genius who would be able to surpass the Elemental Opening Realm!"

    Wu Wudao sighed, "First, it was Liu Yan. Next, it was Fang Yuan. Why are such capable heroes not born in Wu Country? Sigh...the heavens treat Wu Country so unkindly and treat Xia Country so generously!"

    "Nothing good comes out of not accepting heaven's will!"

    Xuan Sheng replied, "Xia Country is weak and cannot utilize its talent. This is the cause of all its troubles. It is a good opportunity that heaven gives to Wu Country!"

    "Well said!"

    Wu Wudao clapped his hands and laughed. His face suddenly turned a deep shade of red. He immediately took out a pill and swallowed it.

    The pill was snow white and was kept in a black jade bottle. After the pill left the bottle, the interior of the tent felt like a cold wind blew past it and the temperature dropped a few degrees.

    "Mystical Ice Pill? How are your wounds?"

    Xuan Sheng furrowed his brows.

    "Liu Yan's move was really strong. Even with the help of the Mystical Ice Pill, I am afraid that it will take half a month to keep the wound under control!"

    Wu Wudao lowered his voice, "I have sent a message to my two worthless disciples and General Fei Long to come and help!"

    "If that is the case, the Secluded Mountains Prefecture would not be a problem!"

    Xuan Sheng nodded his head and appeared to be satisfied.

    The Imperial Advisor was a spiritual knight who had reached the peak of the Elemental Gathering Realm. He was exceptionally good at imparting skills and had 300 disciples under him, of which two of them had broken through the Elemental Force Realm.

    As for General Fei Long, he was a famous expert in Wu country. He had taken part in countless battles and had won them all. He was also highly-skilled in martial arts and had once taken on and defeated 3 Wu Zongs! He was ranked number 2 in Wu Country after the Imperial Advisor!

    With such military might, the Secluded Mountains Prefecture who had only three people in the Elemental Force Realm was doomed without a doubt!


    Taoist Elder Xuan Sheng looked secretive. He took a few steps forward, "I have a plan which I am quite sure to have a high chance of success!"

    "Hmm? Speak!"

    Wu Wudao raised his eyebrows.

    "To tell you the truth, I had planted numerous spies within the Secluded Mountains Prefecture. While most have been rooted out, the biggest spy still remain!"

    Xuan Sheng continued, "According to him, while the Prefecture Master is highly cultivated, he knows nothing about warfare and is too naïve. He has made preparations to settle everything in one shot. Why not we beat him at his own game. Even if we win, we must make them fear us by winning clearly!"
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