249 The Battle

    The old First Officer was still an advisor of Lie Country. As his zodiac strengthened him, he transformed into a Fiery Vermilion Bird as his power was used to its maximum capacity.

    "Roar! Roar!"

    As he struck, the other First Lieutenant was also coming towards them strong. With the roar of his white tiger, he swung a claw at the 5 of them.

    The tiger's roar could be heard a thousand miles away and in it, there was a burning spiritual aura. As the power of the Alkaid Star landed, it was similar to the power of a Wu Zong in the Meridian Opening Realm; both were perfect counters to spiritual spells.

    With the combination of the pen and the sword, their combined strength was more than just two Golden Dragon Gods!


    At one side, there were cries coming from the soldiers. They were set ablaze by the fire from the Vermilion Bird and were quickly burnt to death. Even the cultivators among them could not escape!

    They were only watching from the sidelines but could already experience its intense power. This would mean that Fang Yuan and company would experience pressure from the bird a hundred, or even a thousand times more!

    "You're good!"

    Spiritual meridians appeared on Fang Yuan's back which formed a spiritual armour, and a fire-type spiritual sword was actualised on his hands as well. Fang Yuan let out a gentle sigh as he entered his strongest state, ready for battle.

    "If I had yet to achieve a breakthrough, I might find it troublesome to deal with this thing!"

    As the spiritual armour on his body glowed, it repelled the fire. Fang Yuan quickly glanced around.

    Around Deity Clear Lotus, petals of lotuses appeared around her and let out a warm glow, separating her from the burning inferno outside.

    With an exclamation, a red fiery dragon appeared around Venerable Fiery Dragon.Its scales were shimmering as it appeared extremely real. With another shout, the flames in the vicinity disappeared as the dragon started to swallow it up.

    "Thank you Venerable!"

    A pill's essence surrounded Feng Xinzi as he smiled at Venerable Fiery Dragon.

    "Hehe... do you really want to use your child's play against me..."

    Yu Tianlao looked at the Alkaid Star White Tiger zodiac and laughed. "Pain!"

    "Aw! Aw!"

    The tiger claw suddenly stopped in mid-air and the entire tiger started to flicker.

    Within the tiger, the old First Lieutenant went pale as he clenched his teeth, almost shrieking in pain.

    "How's it, old lieutenant?"

    Seeing this, First Officer stopped and instructed the Vermilion Bird to spread its wings, covering both of them inside.

    "Be careful of that woman! Her witchcraft do harm by merely speaking a few words!"

    First Lieutenant wiped the blood stains on his mouth. Slowly, his eyes turned bloodshot.

    "Is this a curse technique?"

    Fang Yuan looked at Yu Tianlao with confusion. "Indeed mysterious!"

    In the next moment, the Alkaid Star White Tiger stabilized once again and pounced out with bloodshot eyes.


    With a smile, she continued her Mastery of Curses.

    "Aw! Aw!"

    But this time, the Alkaid Star White Tiger was prepared as it roared loudly.


    A glow shot down from the Alkaid Star and transfigured into a long spear striking down.


    Yu Tianlao's expression changed as she spat out a mouthful of blood. Quickly, she retreated. "What are you all waiting for? Do you want to see me die?"

    From her tone, Fang Yuan could here a rare hint of anxiety.

    He looked up towards the sky.

    From there, he could see a bright Alkaid Star!

    'It seems that there are limitations to the Mastery of Curses. For instance, if she were to curse something with a much higher cultivation, she would experience a backlash! The first Lieutenant is rather smart to link up himself with the Alkaid Star. This way, if Yu Tianlao wanted to curse him, she would have to curse the entire Big Dipper or face backlash!'

    Looking around, he realised that Feng Xinzi was a dream alchemy master while Deity Clear Lotus and Venerable Fiery Dragon were dream spells masters. With a sigh, he swung his fire-type spiritual sword out.


    The completely formed fire-type sword essence formed a streak of fire as it shot towards the Alkaid Star White Tiger.

    "Aw! Aw!"

    The white tiger was fearless as it continued to swipe at the sword essence.


    After a sound was heard, the white tiger's claw was severed and fell to the ground.


    Fang Yuan became a black shadow as he rushed into the figure of the white tiger. With another strike of his sword, the sword essence exploded as the First Lieutenant' expression changed. "What an impressive magical weapon!"

    He had the premonition that even with the blessings of the country's realm energy, he would still succumb to Fang Yuan's red sword!

    "Oh, so Brother Fang is a dream soldier master!"

    Venerable Fiery Dragon complimented him as he waved his hands, mustering the fiery dragon to fight with the white tiger.

    "First Officer, we are your opponents!"

    Seeing Fang Yuan making the first move and Venerable Fiery Dragon blocking the path of the First Lieutenant's white tiger, Feng Xinzi and Deity Clear Lotus stood in front of the First Officer. Pill essence and lotus petals filled the air and even the Vermilion Bird could not break through.

    "Feng Xinzi?"

    The First Officer's eyes glittered. "I've heard that the two lords are being incited by a man named 'Feng Xinzi'. Is that you?"


    Feng Xinzi was not a cowardly man as he quickly admitted.

    "This would mean that you are the man behind all these. You are a criminal and deserves to die!"

    The First Officer appeared solemn. "Die!"

    "Chirp! Chirp!"

    Behind him, the Vermilion Bird gave out a long chirp as its flames grew bigger. It flew towards Feng Xinzi.

    "A sacrificial move?"

    Feng Xinzi shook his head and his body started to glow. Quickly, he transformed into the shape of a cauldron.

    The cauldron was red and had three legs and two handles by its side. It was as though it was carved from a huge red piece of jade. Suddenly, the top of the cauldron opened up and fire began to spit out of it.

    "Fire Consuming Cauldron?"

    Deity Clear Lotus could recognise that this was Feng Xinzi's signature move.

    However, a Vermilion Bird's sacrificial move would create a much scarier inferno than anyone could ever imagine!

    Even an alchemy master's cauldron was not enough to consume the flames in entirety. As the golden flames spread, Deity Clear Lotus and Feng Xinzi were forced to retreat in embarrassment.

    "Nothing happened?"

    After a wave of flames, the First Officer shook his head as he realised that both of them were unharmed. As he mustered his energy, a streak of light emerged from his head as it searched for a random star in the sky to combine its energy.


    As the glow from the stars scattered, a Vermilion Bird burning in flames appeared and once again went after Feng Xinzi and Deity Clear Lotus.

    Inspiration in writing transforming into a Vermilion Bird! The rebirth of the bird!

    The First Officer was filled with a scholarly vibe and in the destruction of his zodiac, pure tongues of flames swept across, and it was a terrifying sight to behold!

    "Yu Tianlao!"

    Even Feng Xinzi could not cope with the continuous waves of flames as he called for help.


    As Yu Tianlao glanced over, she did not dare to curse the First Officer anymore. Instead, she targeted the Vermilion Bird directly.

    "Chirp! Chirp!"

    The newly reborn Vermilion Bird's flames weakened in a moment.

    Seeing this, the First Officer sighed and continued to release his scholarly vibes as fuel for the Vermilion Bird to recover and strike back once again.

    "Hey old man, although you're the First Officer, don't you still want to keep your life? Why are you going all out?"

    Feng Xinzi had always been very gentlemanly but this time, he could not hold back. "Since you want to die, we'll grant you your wish! Continue to hold up against him, he won't be able to hold on for long!"

    "Everyone would die someday!"

    The First Officer smiled calmly and looked at the First Lieutenant.

    "Aw! Aw!"

    The white tiger started to roar.

    The First Lieutenant was at a disadvantaged situation.

    As the sword radiance glittered, there was another charred scar on his shoulder.

    Fang Yuan was one of the rare dream masters with highly skilled martial arts.

    Not just that, his fully actualised magical soldiers were extremely sharp and hardy.

    With the combination of skill and weapon, he had reached the peak potential of a dream soldier master!

    Furthermore, there was Venerable Fiery Dragon who was also helping out with his spiritual spells.


    As Venerable Fiery Dragon pointed to the ground, vines started to appear and bind the white tiger.

    "This is the time! Fiery dragon - explode!"

    With a heartless look, he exclaimed.


    The fiery dragon roared and exploded and within seconds, the white tiger was covered in red flames.


    The First Lieutenant's face was flushed and there were burnt marks all over his body. With the explosion, he flew backwards.

    Fang Yuan would not let such a golden opportunity slip by.

    At the moment of explosion, he risked the flames and rushed towards the First Lieutenant, striking his right hand out.


    The flames flickered.

    The fire-type sword went straight through the First Lieutenant but there was no blood, as the wound was charred!

    With such an injury, any mortal, even if he was an imperial advisor, would die without a doubt!

    "Cough cough..."

    The First Lieutenant's expression changed as he spat out a few mouthfuls of blood. With a smile, he exclaimed. "Brother, I'll take my leave first!"

    Behind him, the Alkaid Star White Tiger wailed and condensed.

    "Let's go!"

    Fang Yuan's eyebrow twitched as he retreated quickly with Venerable Fiery Dragon.

    "Haha... either way, I'll die! Why not die for the country?"

    As the First Officer cringed, he appeared as though he had aged another 10 years. "With my green blood, dye the skies green! Green Skies Green Blood, the Vermilion Bird shall burn!!!"


    With his knife, he sliced his chest.


    Green blood started to flow out as it seeped into the Vermilion Bird.

    Shortly after, the First Officer appeared weakened and seemed like he could not live much longer.

    However, with the Green Skies Green Blood chant, the undead Vermilion Bird let out a long chirp and spread its wings. Its spiritual aura started to grow by a thousand folds!

    "Two crazy old men!"

    The five dream masters quickly retreated as they witnessed two mushroom-shaped clouds floating up in the air.

    "They are only a temporary nuisance!"

    Feng Xinzi wiped the blood from his mouth and exclaimed. "This is not good!"



    5 consecutive distinct sounds were heard as the white glow on Fang Yuan and company exploded!


    The winds blew and dark clouds started to spread across the sky!

    In the skies, lightning started to strike everywhere and in the thunder, there was a familiar feeling of impending threat.

    The self-destruction of the two old men, together with the realm energy had destroyed the protection on their bodies! Their demonic and evil spiritual auras were revealed in the realm.


    Thunder roared and it was as though the heavens were taking things into their own hands!

    A tribulation from the heavens has arrived!
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