435 Occurrence

    Nearing the end of Year 1014, the lives of many were not peaceful.

    The third occurrence had already been proven by the spiritual energy peak theory, many mutants and cultivators were eagerly waiting for it.

    Moreover, in East Continent and West Continent, end of the world rumours were rife due to the tremendous changes occurring.

    Underground base, Chinese Country capital.

    "Please spread yourselves out and focus on monitoring those mutants and cultivators originally registered as Murderous Grade... Each major city must be under control to prevent normal people from suddenly obtaining powers and causing accidents!"

    Xi Menjian had aged a lot and white hairs could be seen on his head. Nevertheless, the might and prestige exuded from his body were even more solemn.

    In order to respond to this occurrence, the country had decentralised its authority. Thus, the Religious Bureau was a massive organisation now, not only did they receive the full cooperation of local police forces and authorities, the Religious Bureau could even command the army.

    With such a huge authority, its responsibilities were naturally very huge too.

    "Especially in the capital, screen through everyone again! Other than our own people, even Ghost Grade mutants are not allowed to stay!"

    Xi Menjian thought for a while before adding another command.

    After all, after Ghost Grade was Murderous Grade, the destruction they could cause would be very huge too.

    Of course, with the capital's population, it would be almost impossible to thoroughly screen everyone.

    If there was a Murderous Grade mutant hidden in the capital which made use of this opportunity to breakthrough and the control was not strict enough to prevent him from using his powers... Xi Menjian dared not imagine what would happen next.

    "Sigh... this matter is not what a human can control! I shall retire after finishing this term!"

    Xi Menjian pondered and silently resigned. He then rubbed the area between his eyebrows and asked, "How's the Dragon Team?"

    "They have already been dispatched to ensure the safety of a few chiefs..." One of the meeting attendees replied.

    Even though Fang Yuan had already left, the Dragon Team was still the bureau's trump card.

    "Just that... after losing the God of Thunder, we lost a force of deterrence amongst those very powerful..."

    "Also, regarding the process of making the spiritual droplets detector more miniature and portable... Professor Fang Yuan easily developed it in a few months when he was here, but now, it has been years and the research department still cannot complete it..."

    A few department supervisors sighed, "If only the God of Thunder and Professor Fang Yuan were still around..."

    "Don't talk about these already, aren't the newly developed ones good to use too?"

    Xi Menjian was having a piercing headache and he felt a bit helpless too.

    Although he had some vague guesses, after being reminded of that powerful person living in Banyan Tree City, he was afraid to use any radical or risky tactics.

    Nevertheless, Xi Menjian was very clear what an exceedingly powerful mutant was capable of.

    At that moment, the people and technology under Xi Menjian were not lacking at all, however, he just did not have a flagship person like Fang Yuan.

    After all, before the third occurrence, no mutants would be able to break through the 4th Tier and this was the law of this realm.

    "Also, that Banyan Tree City..."

    Xi Menjian thought for a moment and asked a person in charge, "How's the situation there?"

    "Due to the agreement with 'that person', the strength we deployed there is the weakest. Currently, the mutant group is led by Comrade Zhao Daniu and the military side is helmed by Comrade Ye Yingzi!"

    A middle-aged man raised his spectacles and continued, "Just that, there are some changes happening recently, we have detected the activities of a few foreign powers. Their rationales are unknown... should we deploy more men?"

    Xi Menjian considered for a while before finally making his decision.

    "No need! Continue with the current state! Meeting over!"


    Not only in Chinese Country, other countries were also making their arrangements in full swing.

    Accompanied by the bells of the new year, the defences were at its peak.

    Blue Star Alliance.

    Blue Star Alliance was an alliance formed by a few small countries scattered inside East Continent. Their aim was to have a complete integration of politics and economies and thus becoming a large force that could compete with Golden Eagle Federation and Chinese Country.

    There were only four or five member countries originally, but now, the alliance expanded to include 47 countries.

    Currently, near the surroundings of Holy Mountain, Holy Blue Lion Empire.

    Many people gathered for the new year pilgrimage. They were holding candles and there were at least 300,000 of them.

    These were the core believers of the Curia. Inside the Platinum Palace on top of the Holy Mountain, the Pope and many archbishops in red robes silently watched the scenes outside.

    "The third occurrence... this is God's prophecy, it is the time He returns!"

    A bishop in a red robe spoke. His hair was all grey, he had deep wrinkles on his face and his body was continuously emanating a holy energy.

    This was different from the energy of mutants and cultivators, it was a kind of mutation of spiritual energy.

    From the faith of billions of believers combined with spiritual energy, the muddled holy energy formed flooded the entire Holy Mountain. The power of the bishops and pastors came from the radiation of this bundle of energy.

    Fang Yuan investigated this means before, however, as the fundamental quality of this form of energy was still from a mutated energy from people's beliefs, he did not provoke it at all.

    "God came from the void, divided the mountains, oceans and land, brought about light and agriculture to this world..."

    The Pope narrated in a very pious way, "After He left, he prophesied, after 3,000 years later, the Heaven above Holy Mountain would open and God will reappear!"

    "If things go well, it will be this time!" An archbishop added.

    The Church had also done research on the energy from religious faith.

    Previously, the concentration of spiritual droplets was too low, even though faith still existed, there was no medium for propagating it. It could not be stored too and thus, it could not accomplish anything.

    But now, accompanied by the resurgence of spiritual energy, the devout pastors' holy spells began to awaken. This brought about tremendous changes to the development of the Church.

    "Dang! Dang!"

    "Dang! Dang!"

    The moon slowly rose up the night skies. As midnight was approaching, the ceremony was becoming more and more ceremonious. The believers were extremely enthusiastic and fervent, it even caused a holy wave.

    Ripples of holy light could be seen with the naked eye emanating from their bodies. They continuously merged and turned into a vibrant stream of waves that washed the entire Holy Mountain.

    "Praise the God, you are the bringer of light! The one and only Lord!"

    The Pope and a few archbishops appeared and led the followers to begin praying.


    Under the numerous praises, the milky white coloured holy light gathered and rushed to the peak of the mountain. Immediately, it opened a certain half plane and an angel-like human silhouette with three pairs of wings descended from it. It then landed on Holy Mountain, at the core of the energy from faith.


    "What's that? Heaven?"


    Lots of believers were hyped up. As they looked at the giant Heaven vaguely emerging above the mountain peak, they were extremely excited.

    In the dark, those powerful forces monitoring it had a disapproving look on their faces.

    "Indeed, the Curia had something hidden!"

    A man in black shirt watched the changes happening on his screen and scolded at the same time.

    "A living angel? It better not be another man-made weapon created by Golden Eagle Federation..." A staff on the side guessed.

    "No! I'm afraid this is real!"

    There were a few companions nearby in the same ceremonious costumes who seemed to be from the nobility, their faces turned white, their eyes were bloodshot and they shook their heads, "Of course... a living angel is already a God!"

    "Why would such an angel appear, this is not scientific!"

    The investigators from Blue Star Alliance were at a slight loss.

    "No, this is very scientific!"

    A handsome youth dressed in the same ceremonious costume retorted in a sing-song way, "In the first 1,000 years, God created the world and left behind light and seeds. In the second 1,000 years, He built a beautiful palace in the skies and also left behind the prophecy of his return in the third 1,000 years... These are all recorded down by my family, they can also be found in other religious texts."

    "So that means, God... has returned?"

    The in-charge was furious, "You want me to type and send up such a report? Are you trying to get me fired?"

    "Since mutants and cultivators have already appeared, what's so odd about a God appearing?"

    The youth smiled nonchalantly, "Even if it is a God, it is just a powerful living thing... Looks like due to the low concentration of spiritual energy previously, He chose to seal himself in the heavens above the peak of Holy Mountain. Now, since religious faith and spiritual energy have increased again, He chose to awaken now and fulfill his will!"

    "A God's... will, what exactly does He want to do?"

    The in-charge mumbled and felt as though his mind and thoughts were about to fall apart.


    Banyan Tree City, Middle Continent

    Fang Yuan arrived at a desolated mountain.

    After moving aside a huge stone, an entrance appeared at the mountainside. Inside it, the spiritual energy was extremely condensed.

    "Hmm... looks like this Spiritual Gathering Array is quite useful after all!"

    This was a rare opportunity. Fang Yuan immediately sat cross-legged and began to absorb with all his strength.

    As time passed, a turning point suddenly arrived.


    The earth shook and the array in the cave ran at its full power. White fog condensed and looked it was about to turn into dewdrops.

    "The third occurrence meant yet another set of locks are unlocked..."

    Fang Yuan turned into a black hole and greedily devoured everything. He also looked at his stats board at the same time.

    After these few years of dedicated cultivation, the 5th Grade of his Elemental Spiritual Energy Cultivation Spell had already increased and improved tremendously even though it was only slightly above 50% at first.

    However, he ultimately had to stop at the bottleneck of 99.99%.

    "If my calculations are correct, after arena, it would be area! If I can complete my area in this realm and bring back some of its properties, I would have no bottlenecks when breaking through to the 7th Tier of Illusionary Divine in Da Qian!"

    Fang Yuan looked at his stats:

    "Name: Fang Yuan

    Essence: 20.0

    Spirit: 49.0

    Magic: 49.0

    Profession: ???

    Cultivation: ???

    Technique: [Elemental Spiritual Energy Cultivation Spell (Grade 5 (99.99%))]

    Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)], [Fiery Golden Eyes (Level 1)]"

    "Such a pity, it's so close!"

    Fang Yuan walked out of the cave and went outside.

    The moon was bright and slightly hazy too as streaks of Emperor Flow Serum-like substance fell from the skies and entered the mountain streams and rivers, enlightening all living matters.

    "Oh, this is really the beginning of a mythical era......"

    Fang Yuan greedily took a deep breath.

    Currently, in this realm, spiritual energy was already crazily abundant. If it continued, any flowers or grass, foxes, rats, snakes or ants would all become spiritually aware and become spirits!

    "Chaotic times have arrived!"
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