439 White Jade Capital

    Thousands of years ago in Planet Earth, spiritual energy already ebbed and flowed.

    From this cycle, supernormal beings were born, and they managed to study their origins in great detail, including the existence of the Spiritual King Comet.

    "It belongs to us?'

    Fang Yuan smiled playfully.

    "Who exactly does "us" refer to?"

    "The deities of each region, of course!"

    Farquhar answered without hesitation.

    "More than a thousand years ago, the deities of the world foresaw calamity and decided to seal themselves. Now that I'm awake, I expect them to gradually revive themselves too."

    Fang Yuan could only think about the half plane of merpeople.

    Although the merpeople had failed as a race, the world was huge, and there might be remnants.

    'A pity...regardless of how much is Devoured, no breakthrough can be achieved...even with the help of the 3rd occurrence..."

    Fang Yuan sighed quietly and looked towards Farquhar.

    "So what you mean is that in this half plane, there are elders from the Middle Continent?"

    "Half plane? This is a nice term. We usually call it 'Heaven'. Staying here will greatly reduce the outflow of life energy...you Immortal Cultivators from the Middle Continent like to call it the 'Hollow and Prosperous Land'. A few might actually awaken, but definitely not here!"

    Farquhar was confident.

    "This line of cultivators have already made another choice, and have collectively risen to a higher realm."

    'Ah, so it's a person who can't wait to lay his hands on the inheritance.'

    Fang Yuan was disdainful.

    'A bunch of trash. No wonder they are deities of the Curia...'

    "Mister Lei. The inheritance in here is extremely important to us. What do you think of our suggestion?"

    Farquhar looked at Fang Yuan, his expression unchanging.

    "How do you people intend to preserve the world's spiritual energy?"

    Fang Yuan asked after a period of silence.

    "Simple. Since our spiritual energy come from the Spiritual King Comet, we just have to bring it to Planet Earth and keep it here forever. I call it 'Operation Grabstar', and the crux of the plan involves seizing the comet and making it our second moon. Or we could bring it down to the ground."

    Farquhar made it sound like a walk in the park.

    "Bring it to the ground? You intend to destroy half of the civilisation?"

    Fang Yuan shook his head.

    "Even if it becomes a satellite, there would be severe repercussions. Millions of lives would be lost."

    "For the sake of a glorious future, we must suffer temporary loss. When the devotees do die, I will fulfill my promise and send their souls to Heaven."

    Farquhar said it all with a straight face.

    "So...there is something you need in the Hollow and Prosperous Land?"

    "Yes, that bloodline specialises in the array techniques of the Middle Continent, and would greatly complement Operation Grabstar...tell me your answer right now."

    The seraph looked into Fang Yuan's eyes.

    "The true way cannot be taught!"

    Fang Yuan's lips curled up slightly at the corners.

    It was Farquhar's turn to be surprised.

    "What does that mean?"

    "I neither support it nor object to it..."

    Fang Yuan continued to smile.

    "I won't help you all, but I won't ruin your plans either. I do want to witness the fourth occurrence. I want to see for myself what will happen to Planet Earth after Operation Grabstar."

    "Many thanks!"

    Farquhar was silent for a minute. For a being of his level, he spoke from his heart and had no need to lie.

    "But...the Hollow and Prosperous Land is mine!"

    Having said that, Fang Yuan twirled the jade key about his hand.

    "I see...the key was always in your hands!"

    Farquhar nodded.

    "Since you've agreed to not interfere with my plans, I can compromise..."

    After all, this belonged to the Middle Continent. Farquhar had rushed over here in the hope of lucking out while the other beings were still asleep and sealed up.

    But now that he had met Fang Yuan, a cultivator of the Magic-splitting stage, he decided to give in.

    It was not worth it to go against a being of the same level for a slight chance of inheriting an array technique.

    "Also, after everything is in order, I would like you to come to visit the Holy Mountain...my plan will benefit all supernormal beings."

    Farquhar was self-assured.

    After he had said his piece, Farquhar disappeared with a burst of golden light.


    The crowd began to regain their senses. They looked around disorientedly.

    "Your holiness!?"

    The members of the Church were terrified and they tried to help the fallen archbishop to his feet.

    "Sir...I'll take my leave!"

    The archbishop stood up laboriously and bowed to Fang Yuan before walking away purposefully. He seemed to have received an order from Farquhar.

    "What? You people from the Golden Eagle Federation are also interested in the treasures of the Middle Continent?"

    When the Church members had all left, Fang Yuan glanced at Jani with a raised eyebrow.

    "Of course...not!"

    Jani laughed awkwardly and took a few steps back.

    With Angel present, he was no stronger than a normal person. He would most certainly be killed if he said anything wrong.

    "If that's the case, get lost!"

    Fang Yuan's expression was ice cold.


    Behind Jani, several indignant mutants raised their firearms. However, before they could do anything else, their heads exploded into clouds of red.

    "I don't want to repeat myself."

    Fang Yuan enunciated his words slowly and chillingly.

    "Alright, we'll leave now!"

    Jani was sweating profusely and gritted his teeth. He gave the order to retreat.

    "At his word, the Church and Federation retreated..."

    Leader Cai swallowed. Upon noticing that Fang Yuan had looked over, he began to stutter.

    "This...great...great sir, we shall leave immediately!"

    "How can other countries covet the prized treasures of the Chinese country?"

    Fang Yuan grinned.

    "If you people have nothing to do, guard the frontiers for me. Rewards will be given according!"

    "We will do our best for you, Sir!"

    Leader Cai responded promptly.


    Fang Yuan beckoned to the white tiger, and it went over to him obediently. It had become a tame cat.

    "Both of you sisters, stay outside!"

    He came to the mouth of the cave and commanded the white tiger to lead the way. Then he strode in.

    The passage was a short one and before long, they had come to the other end of the cave. A patch of dried grass lay on the floor, with the imprint of a pot's bottom on it. Lying around were scraps of half-eaten food.


    Fang Yuan could not be bothered with these minor details and after casting another sweeping gaze, he took out the jade key.


    The surrounding walls began to shake and a small depression appeared in the stone. When Fang Yuan pressed the jade key into the hollow, it fused into the stone and radiated purple light that swam all over the walls.

    Layers of stone fell off from the walls to reveal a glittering amethyst surface.

    "Another half plane!"

    Fang Yuan nodded and used his spiritual will to check for danger before stepping forward.


    Heaven and earth collided and space-time was warped.

    When he scanned his surroundings once more, everything around him had changed.

    A palace of gold and jade stood before him. Surrounding it was a mist that seeped into the vast grounds and turned it all into spiritual fields. Everything came together to create the basic structure of a Hollow and Prosperous Land.

    On the palace walls of white jade, Fang Yuan could see the name of this place.

    "White Jade Capital?"

    In this world, there were myths and legends of the White Jade Capital too. It was similar to talks of Heaven in the Western world. These were places where supernormal beings inhabited.

    Except that this great building and the vast fields did not seem to have any signs of life.

    "Just as I thought...no one here at all, not even the remains..."

    Fang Yuan explored several of the meditation rooms and alchemical chambers. He found that the equipment was arranged nicely and there were no hints of unrest. He began to understand.

    "They've all broken into the void and left?"

    To answer his questions, he headed straight to the main palace. He broke through the 36 restrictions guarding the place and found the heart of the structure.

    "It should be here..."

    Even after thousands of years, the restrictions could still repair themselves and Fang Yuan had to continue to keep an eye on them. He was sure that this Sect had managed to produce cultivators of the 4th tier and above.

    When he had destroyed the last piece of restriction, he walked into the great hall.

    99 dragon carvings curled around the shimmering purple gold pillars and illuminated the hall. Still, there was no one.

    A lone white scroll levitated silently in midair.

    Fang Yuan muttered some words under his breath and a string of his mind power made its way up to the scroll.

    "We, the Jade Palace Faction..."

    In the next moment, a large amount of mental information assailed his consciousness.

    A normal person would have suffered a terrible headache from such a huge input, but Fang Yuan was experienced and immediately began to sort out and categorise the information. A message caught his eye.

    "The person who is leaving this message behind is the Son of the Jade Palace, the leader of the Jade Palace Faction. In one of the reincarnations of the past thousand years, their elders awoke from their sealed state and opened up the sect to the world. The Jade Palace Faction soon became immensely influential and produced countless legendary pugilists. However, following the fading of spiritual energy, several of the elders were unwilling to seal themselves up again and were greatly weakened as a result. Thus, the entire organisation voted to break into the void and leave this world..."

    Fang Yuan did not know what to feel.

    This sort of departure involved physical teleportation. They had no fixed destination and could only drift about in the void. This was an extreme form of exile and there was but a small chance of making it out alive.

    "Also...it seems like the Jade Palace Faction had already investigated the fading of spiritual energy and were unwilling to support Operation Grabstar. They decided to leave instead, but why?"

    Although the scroll left behind many detailed legacies, Fang Yuan was still intrigued by this fundamental question.

    At his level of power, formulae were of no interest to him. Only the ideas of physical teleportation and breaking into the void were worthy of his consideration.
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