466 Breakthrough

    In the world of Da Qian.

    Fang Yuan slowly woke up from his deep slumber.

    The surroundings were pitch-black and squeezy but it gave one a sense of security.

    Previously, as he dream-traversed, he sealed himself in a mountainous cave in the wilderness. Indeed, no one came to disturb him.

    "I have already spent 50 years in Planet Earth Realm. Converting the time to Da Qian, it should be around 5 months!"

    Fang Yuan did a quick mental calculation and finally understood how time flowed. "By now, the 9 Heavenly Sky Net Array should have been almost completed and the war is about to begin!"

    Strictly speaking, he had cast the incomplete versions of the two arrays on Planet Earth, but the results of the arrays would speak for themselves.

    Now, with the complete version of the arrays, the final outcome would surely shock many.

    "There's one thing... what can I gain from all these? This realm is different from Planet Earth. Not only are there plenty 7th Tier Illusionary Divine dream masters, they are even the existence of Sages!"

    Sages were dream masters who had attained the Prominent Divine stage and were almost unparalleled in the realm. Only the True Divines and True Elementals favoured by the heavenly will would be able to stand a chance against these sages.

    Comparing dream masters with spiritual knights and martial artists of the same tier, dream masters would be stronger.

    Previously, Fang Yuan was still clueless about the source of dream masters. However, now he had a new understanding of the Demonic Heart Realm.

    "The Demonic Heart Realm is a realm of higher dimension compared to the Spiritual Realm. Therefore, by cultivating on the basis of dream elemental force from the Demonic Heart Realm, one would be able to become more powerful than another person in the same tier cultivating using spiritual energy from the Spiritual Realm!"

    At this point in time, he took a quick glance at his stats:

    "Name: Fang Yuan

    Essence: 100

    Spirit: 100

    Magic: 61 (100)

    Profession: Dream Soldier Master

    Cultivation: Illusionary Divine (4th Tier), True Divine, Area Being (False)

    Technique: [Pangu Eagle Body (? ? ?)], [8 Gates Sword Array (5th Sword) (10%)], [Elemental Spiritual Energy Cultivation Spell (Grade 5 (Completed))]

    Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)], [Fiery Golden Eyes (Level 1)]"


    "The limit of my magical energy has been increased to 100. However, I have only restored to how much I had left off. Also, about this 'false' Area Being..."

    Fang Yuan rubbed his chin and was deep in his thoughts.

    Across different realms, there would be different limitations on foreign types of energies. Fang Yuan was already used to it.

    The good thing was that he had the unique ability of fixed stats. Regardless of whichever realm he had achieved a breakthrough, his body would remember the new limit automatically. No matter which realm he would go to in the future, as long as he had enough resources, he would be able to restore his peak condition.

    Previously, this unique ability of his had allowed him to traverse to different realms and restore his ability in the shortest amount of time possible.

    However, the opposite had just happened. He would be able to bring his breakthrough from a foreign realm back to Da Qian!

    "Therefore, I can increase my cultivations without any difficulty and achieve the 7th Tier in no time!"

    Fang Yuan's consciousness entered his actualised dream world.

    The 8 sword pillars stood sturdy and in the middle, there was a big purple fog which gave off a mysterious spiritual aura. This was the natural source of Planet Earth Realm. Although it was nothing compared to what the Spiritual Realm had taken, it was already enough for Fang Yuan to become a divine immortal!

    It was not enough for him to become a Prominent Divine dream master, but sufficient for him to attain the 7th Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage!

    Other than that, in the corner of his actualised dream world, there was another mysterious and suspicious spiritual aura.

    A stone carving of a lady figurine stood there. The lady figurine had a pair of wings and it was the magical clone of Extreme Darkness which he had met in the realm.

    "This is great! I was only trying my luck only to find out that I can really absorb her into my actualised dream world and even bring her back... Could it be because she is related to Extreme Darkness considering that she is a magical clone and that Planet Earth does not consider her to be native?"

    Fang Yuan stared at the young girl intently for a moment.

    This magical clone would surely be a hidden move which he could use against Extreme Darkness. Of course, if he really had to use her, it would mean that by then, the Realm Alliance would already be breaking apart.

    "Being a mere True Divine is not enough to ensure my survival during the war!"

    Fang Yuan flicked his finger and the purple fog started to dissipate.

    In his consciousness, the 8 Gates Sword Array came to life and the sword pillars shot up to the sky. The blades of the swords were extremely sharp and the Wind, Thunder, Water and Fire Sword made the appearance. They had spirituality and could exclaim as though they were calling out for their friends.

    "Lake Sword! Form!"

    Streaks of purple fog gathered around the illusionary Lake Sword. With continuous stimulation, the progress of the Lake Sword started to surge and reached 100% in an instant!

    "The Lake Sword is the mediating sword. With this sword, the casting of sword arrays will now be smoother and in addition, I can now use the 5 Elements Sword Array!"

    Fang Yuan flicked his finger casually, giving the Lake Sword spiritual property.

    "Mas... Master!"

    The dark glow of the Lake Sword shimmered and a youthful voice was heard.


    Fang Yuan was extremely satisfied.

    The formation of the 5th Sword meant that his cultivation as a dream master would once again increase to the 5th Tier, and the spiritual properties he was able to bless the swords with would increase as well.

    The cultivation of a dream master would begin with dream-accessing, followed by dream-building and then the Illusionary Divine stage.

    At the 4th Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage, a dream master would be able to spiritualise objects. However, a dream master would only be able to create prosperous lands and herds of animals after attaining the 7th Tier.

    The creation of a complete human or living thing with wisdom could only be accomplished by a Sage at the Prominent Divine stage.

    "However, I still feel that something is not right..."

    Thinking about his previous encounter with the Demonic Heart Realm, Fang Yuan became increasingly tensed. "Although our foundation is in dream elemental force, we dream masters seem to have created our own cultivation path and is different from the cultivators of the Demonic Heart Realm..."

    Although the starting point could be the same, the ending point could be vastly different. All the Demonic Heart Realm had radiated was simply dream elemental force, but there could be many uses to this dream elemental force.

    For instance, Planet Earth was now being targeted by the Demonic Heart Realm. Those with potential would be able to explore the usage of dream elemental force to create their own cultivation paths.

    They could either focus on creating the illusionary to hypnotise others, or they could be the infectious type to enslave others, similar to what Hades did.

    "The path of dream masters in Da Qian is all about being illusionary and creating reality from nothing. This is a totally new concept which might not even be explored by the demon kings of the Demonic Heart Realm..."

    Fang Yuan had a premonition.

    "The harvesting of a realm might not be the destruction of it or the complete absorption of its source... it could be to transfer elemental force to allow the realm to explore unexplored paths before learning from them in order to perfect their own foundation."

    "Of course, it's useless to think about all these! If I cannot become a powerful being, I can't even join the final war!"

    Fang Yuan's eyes lit up as he continued to put pressure on the 8 Gates Sword Array.

    At the North-east, a yellow glow started to shine brilliantly and a dense spiritual aura started to spread out.

    A seemingly thick and heavy giant sword started to appear.

    This was the 6th sword of the 8 Gates Sword Array! The Mountain Sword! It was huge and its spiritual aura was overbearing. It was a masterpiece indeed!


    With a single thought, the entire Mountain Sword started to form slowly but steadily.

    Compared to previously, the purple fog was now being consumed at an even faster rate as the Mountain Sword swiftly took shape.

    The karma of saving an entire realm converted to pure energy would be unimaginable to think!

    Fang Yuan knew that he had enough resources to allow him to attain the 7th Tier. Without fear, Fang Yuan continued to channel the purple fog and was not concerned about the rate of consumption at all.


    Finally, after a long while, the Mountain Sword actualised and a small child wearing yellow robes appeared on the sword's body. "Master!"


    Being a 6th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master meant that Fang Yuan would be able to bless his swords with even more spirituality. On all the other swords, there were illusionary figures of children slowly appearing.

    Unfortunately, they were only illusionary figures.

    Only in the realm of a 7th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master would one be able to create spirituality from nothing, combining these swords with the spirits to form a physical body. This would be similar to the Fiery Dragon Child who had a physical body and would be able to do things. At this stage, Fang Yuan would even be able to be reborn from another body and the potential was limitless.

    "I need to feel confident!"

    Gazing at the remaining purple fog, Fang Yuan's eyes were burning with passion. "I shall directly form the 7th Sword and become a powerful being!"

    It was an extremely crucial stage for dream masters to attain the 7th Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage.

    Once attained, one would be able to stand a chance against a True Divine or True Elemental to be considered a powerful being.

    In the Realm Alliance, one would be able to directly become an Elder and the benefits were plenty.

    Normal dream masters would have to stumble for many years before even trying to have a glimpse of hope in attaining the 7th Tier. However, at this point in time, Fang Yuan was extremely confident.

    "In the 8 Gates Sword Array, the formation of the Earth Sword is an important milestone. I will be able to form the 7 Constellations Sword Array. This array will be able to bring out the pure power of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water and in the process create a purple Area, making me invincible among the other 7th Tier Illusionary Divine dream masters and I might even have the chance to promote as well."

    Fang Yuan could never imagine how difficult it would be to form the Earth Sword.

    After all, this was a sky-high step. With this single step, everything would change!

    Of course, Fang Yuan only dared to be so daring because he had something to rely on.

    "Come out, my spiritual territory!"

    He stretched his right hand out and a spiritual glow appeared.

    This was the property of the spiritual territory which he had brought over from Planet Earth Realm. Although it remained illusionary in Da Qian, it was the key to a whole new world!

    With this, Fang Yuan would experience no difficulty in achieving a breakthrough to the 7th Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage.

    All that he had to do was to provide enough resources to form the Earth Sword.


    As the spiritual glow glittered, it flew into the illusionary figure of the Earth Sword.

    The Earth Sword which was previously putting up a resistance started to stabilise and absorb the purple fog without any reservations. Slowly, it started to grow in size.

    "Let me see... the secrets of a 7th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master of this world!"

    Fang Yuan closed his eyes and entered a state of nirvana.



    Dark clouds started to gather in the originally clear skies.

    In the mountains where Fang Yuan had remained, animals were scrambling in fear as though they could sense an impending disaster.

    From somewhere near, two streaks of light quickly made their way into the forest.


    The fleeing streak of light could detect that something was wrong and stopped for a moment. "Are these.....signs of a breakthrough?! Is someone about to breakthrough to the 7th Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage?"

    A 7th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master was different from a True Divine or a True Elemental. Since the former would now be able to create spirituality and form intellectual beings, although these beings would not be able to reproduce, the dream master would have already intervened with the natural cycle of life.

    Because of that, every time there was a breakthrough to the 7th Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage, there would surely be a heavenly tribulation!

    "Yingchou City is being invaded and the Imperial Court is in so much trouble now. Which dream master would have such fortune to achieve the breakthrough?"

    As the glow dissipated, a face of fortitude was revealed. It was the Leader of Hidden Dragon Guards!
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