470 Cleansing

    The essence of the path of dream masters was that they could cultivate truths from falsehoods.

    As dream masters were very involved in dream techniques, they were the group of people that were the most well versed in disguising themselves and also, distinguishing between real and fake.

    The more advanced a dream master was, the more would he conceal himself in layers of mist which made others unable to discern him clearly.

    Previously, Fang Yuan killed Feng Buer unexpectedly as he was rushing towards Yingchou City and the two of them revealed all the cards up their sleeves.

    Otherwise, it would not be such an easy task for Fang Yuan to plan to kill a 7th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master.

    How good a dream master was at concealing himself was directly proportional to his cultivation.

    With Fang Yuan's current cultivation, within a bunch of 6th Tier Illusionary Divine dream masters, no one would be able to recognise him even if he was disguised as an average person. This was the skill gap.

    However, not only were there many 7th Tier Illusionary Divine dream masters at the Yingchou City he was heading to, they might even be sages there!

    The chances of such a weak concealment being exposed would be very high.

    "Speaking of concealment techniques, there's one such technique in Master's 8 Gates Sword Array secret inheritance. If I use it now, I can only at most hide from normal 7th Tier Illusionary Divine dream masters. If Elder Extreme Darkness and others become suspicious, they will definitely discover my loopholes. It would be even more dangerous in front of the sages..."

    Inside a cave, Fang Yuan was sitting cross-legged. A streak of dark silver coloured dream elemental force appeared on his hand.

    "Now... if I want to strengthen my concealment abilities, I must look for it from the source of all dream masters powers!"

    Fang Yuan ruminated as he looked at the dream elemental force on his hand.

    This was the pure and unadulterated dream energy obtained in Planet Earth Realm. It was introduced into Planet Earth Realm after the black hole opened up a passage for the Demonic Heart Realm to introduce it.

    Compared to the dream elemental force of normal dream masters, it was stronger, purer, and much more evil!

    "Technically, Planet Earth Realm has a closer contact with the Demonic Heart Realm than Da Qian as of now. After all, a passage was opened up. Although physical objects could not be passed through, large amounts of dream elemental force had gushed down through it!"

    The swarm in dream elemental force and the few syllables from Hades caused a huge group of strong people that were comparable to 5th to 6th Tier Illusionary Divine dream masters to become demonic. Until now, Fang Yuan could still clearly remember that scene.

    "The dream masters of Da Qian World communicates with the mysterious dream masters' realm through their spiritual will. Thus, they can obtain some of the radiated elemental force from it which combines with the elemental energy of this world to form a unique dream elemental force. However, Planet Earth Realm was different. Ever since the void passage opened for a while and the Demonic Heart Realm was connected once, large amounts of pure dream elemental force were introduced into Planet Earth Realm! Real dream elemental force!"

    Fang Yuan looked at his own actualised dream world.

    Inside the now large expanse, a corner seemed to be forgotten and was securely sealed off.

    Inside the seal, there was a small lake filled with dark silver coloured dream elemental force which was emitting a misty glow. It was pure yet evil.

    "I have kept 30% of the dream elemental force from Demonic Heart Realm..."

    Fang Yuan was very confident in his estimation, "Currently, in the entire Da Qian, I'm afraid no other dream master would be comparable to me..."

    To Fang Yuan, the invasion of the Demonic Heart Realm could be roughly split into three stages.

    The first stage would begin when the prey enters the field of vision. In this stage, any living thing in the eyed realm that had above average mind power would be able to sense the presence of dream elemental force and thus receive all sorts of special abilities.

    At the second stage, a passage would be opened and it would continuously expand. The passage Fang Yuan opened that time was a pure energy and mind power passage. Hence, dream elemental could pass through it but Hades could only wait on the other side.

    If the passage was not closed and continued to expand, the third stage would be reached. It would be similar to the advent of the Spiritual Realm whereby a real dimensional passage would be opened which allowed physical objects to pass through and the harvesting of the realm would begin!

    Planet Earth Realm was originally bound to fall into such a trap. However, Fang Yuan planned beforehand and pushed back when the harvesting would begin.

    However, it was different this time. Many sages had already gathered and the 5 Grand Organisations had unprecedentedly put aside their differences. Evidently, the reason for them to do that was not as simple as to open a temporary passage.

    They wanted to truly go beyond the dimension and bring about the advent of the Demonic Heart Realm so as to obtain everything they wanted!

    Humans would neglect the dangers in front of them for the sake of their benefits! And they thought they could control everything!

    Even in another realm, this was the case.

    The high tiered cultivators in Planet Earth Realm were like that. Currently, the majority of the powerful dream masters in Da Qian had the same thoughts.

    "There's really no one who knows the dangers of the Demonic Heart Realm?"

    A cold smile appeared on Fang Yuan's face as he thought, "I'm afraid many would know, but to them, so what if the entire Da Qian World is annihilated? Dream masters only want to head to the real source world to obtain even greater gains!"

    Those dream masters in Da Qian at the peak of all dream masters had already stayed there for too long. They were trapped in front of their bottlenecks for too long and had even become numb.

    Only a new world, the source world of dream masters, could make them feel like there was hope for them and that they would no longer be a pool of stagnant water.

    But what about the consequences? Who would have thought about the consequences?

    Perhaps lower tiered dream masters might have thought about this problem, but those higher tiered ones would have never worried about such.

    With powers at the 7th Tier Illusionary Divine stage, and with their actualised dream world, prosperous lands, hollows... even if the world was destroyed, they could still survive well while they floated around in the space void.

    This was why they were so confident!

    "Dream masters bring about great harm to the world... Of course, what does this have to do with me?"

    Fang Yuan stared at the streak of dream elemental force on his hand and suddenly made up his mind. He began to refine the dream elemental force.

    Only such purest form of dream elemental force could increase his illusionary ability for him to conceal himself even under the noses of sages.

    "The powers of dream masters come from dream energy that has been diluted, thus, they are easier to be controlled and also easier to build up a resistance against it... However, once the two worlds really link up, the large amounts of dream elemental force that will swarm over will be both opportunities and poison for all dream masters!"

    Fang Yuan thought of his first time entering a dream and how difficult the process was to tame the dream elemental force. He also thought about his realisations in Planet Earth Realm.

    When the two worlds finally coincide, all the dream masters would have to undergo yet another taming process. Furthermore, the process would not be smooth sailing, they would have to suffer from the most horrifying full body cleansing right at the start.

    "Therefore, being familiar with all this beforehand would be very good."

    Fang Yuan looked at the streak of dark-silver coloured elemental force enter his palm. It immediately spread to his limbs and bones, and even messed up his thoughts and caused him to hallucinate.

    "Da Qian World's foundation is in elemental force, whereas Demonic Heart Realm's foundation is dream elemental force. In terms of their grade, dream elemental force is obviously much higher than elemental force. But after dream elemental force, is there another force that is of an even higher grade?"

    At the next moment, Fang Yuan's vision dimmed and he fell into a dreamy trance.

    From being a dream disciple to becoming a dream master, it was a very long process.

    One had to overcome the dream world and truly grasp the power of dream elemental force before he could be a real dream master.

    Every dream master had gone through this step.

    However, Fang Yuan suddenly realised that his own understanding might have been biased.

    After he opened up himself to receive and accept this real dream elemental force from the Demonic Heart Realm, he truly felt his inner demons overwhelm him.

    It was as though the sealed memories had reincarnated.

    Inside a dream world, Fang Yuan turned into a newborn. Quickly, he grew up carefreely and forgotten about dream masters, his Master, the 8 Gates Sword Array, and also everything about himself.

    Luckily, a bit of mindfulness in his magical will finally caused him to be awakened the day he turned 20 years old and made him recover himself.

    However, he was only awake for a few moments before he immediately fell into another dream world.


    "It seems like a dream but it is not a dream! It's the way of the inner demons! The demonic heart!"

    In the trance, Fang Yuan did not know how much he had been through. However, his heart was becoming sturdier and clearer like a diamond. A voice that sounded like a giant bell resounded beside his ear.

    "The Demonic Heart way? After reaching the highest point, as long as there is still Sattva in the world, one would not die and cannot be destroyed?"

    Suddenly, an enlightenment was formed at the bottom of Fang Yuan's heart.

    This Sattva did not require humans. It did not even require living things.

    Mountains, rivers, grass, trees, stars and worlds all had their own thoughts!

    With thoughts, there would be feelings! Once there were feelings, there would be inner demons!

    As long as inner demons did not die, the Demonic Heart Realm would not die!

    "What a supreme path indeed! Unfortunately, it is not what I ask for!"

    Fang Yuan's entire body shook and he opened his eyes.

    Currently, he was still sitting in a cave perfectly fine. Not a lot of time had passed either.

    "Inner demons are not what I wish for. Compared to the 'orthodox' of Demonic Heart Realm, I rather walk the path of dream masters!"

    The dream elemental force in Fang Yuan's sea of consciousness rippled slightly. It was not much different than previously, but there seemed to be a slight unclear and uncertain change that occurred.

    "I have finally cleared this barrier!"

    Fang Yuan thoughts moved and the sealed dark silver lake seethed at once. Large amounts of Demonic Heart Realm dream elemental force was absorbed rapidly and turned into pure dream energy.

    That's right!

    The dream elemental force that had been mutated once suddenly began to absorb the pure Demonic Heart Realm elemental force. It even began to digest it.

    "Woong! Woong!"

    At the same time, a layer of misty glow appeared on Fang Yuan's body and instantly covered his whole body.

    "The cleansing of my foundation has been completed."

    Fang Yuan touched his face. He then suddenly waved his hand and a water screen emerged.

    Inside the water screen, the reflection of a youth in a white robe could be seen. His face was normal looking and it seemed that he had become even more handsome.

    "I dared to take such a huge risk and now, the transformed dream elemental force in my body is already half a grade higher than all other dream masters and even sages..."

    This was Fang Yuan's gains from his experiment in Planet Earth Realm and other sages did not have such an opportunity. As they never had contact with Demonic Heart Realm before, the quality of their dream elemental force would definitely be inferior.

    "By utilising this brand new dream elemental force as the foundation to create new illusionary techniques, I can conceal myself even in front of 9th Tier Illusionary Divine dream masters. Even for Prominent Divine dream masters, as long as they don't specially investigate, they cannot discover any flaws or loopholes!"

    As Fang Yuan thought, his entire demeanour changed again.

    The originally ethereal demeanour of a dream master disappeared in a blink of an eye.

    Instead, on his body, muscles bulged out and he looked strong and masculine. Fang Yuan was now filled with the demeanour of a martial artist.

    "I shall just anyhow reveal myself to be a 4th to 5th Tier dream master. Anyway, I have my martial arts to conceal me as well..."

    Fang Yuan stood up and looked towards Yingchou City confidently. "I can't wait for the battle at Jade Capital!"
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